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PubSense copyWriting is an art, but writing is also a business. Your book and your brand requires professional author marketing services, marketing specific to AUTHORS to build your readership.

We help you by “shrinking the web” – offering a go-to place to discover:

  • strategic, custom-crafted author websites
  • author website training
  • author-specific social media
  • professional media training
  • video book trailers
  • vetted book review directories
  • book club sourcing
  • access to indie bookstores and indie publishers
  • press release distribution to book editors
  • regular news and advice on all aspects of author marketing

Winner Circle Login: Look to the lower left of any page!

The Winner Circle is a subscription based portal built exclusively for today’s emerging author. Menu items in the Winner Circle to boost your author marketing efforts include:

  • Best Book Review Sites, vetted and rated and organized in a huge directory by genre
  • An interactive map of live book clubs
  • Links to independent and chain book stores from coast to coast
  • Upcoming competitions, writers conferences and book festivals
  • Links to indie and hybrid publishers
  • Online Tools for Authors
  • Templates and Tutorials
  • Discounts and deals on publishing services and events
  • New, exclusive content added each week!

Build recognition for yourself as an author. We’re here for you…

  • When you need to promote your upcoming book release
  • When you’re ready for an author website to engage your audience or establish your platform
  • When you want to better wield the power of the site you have, or would enjoy insights that will quickly build your readership and media appeal.
  • When you need to grow your readership with influencers including reviewers and book clubs.
  • When you’re looking to widen your circle of influence with targeted author social media.
  • When you’re ready to blaze a trail with advice from a professional media trainer.
  • When it’s time to build a video trailer to announce your new book release.

Email info@writerswin.com to set up a free private consultation or visit our SERVICES page to learn more, including service pricing.

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