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Writing is an art, but writing is also a business, one that becomes increasingly competitive as the self-publishing industry floods the market with millions (yes, millions) of new book titles each year. You need quality, professional author marketing services, marketing specific to AUTHORS that will drive readers to you.

7 Sites For Indie Authors 300x231 Put Our Author Marketing Team in Your Corner!We help you market and sell your books with:

  • strategic, custom-crafted author websites
  • author website training – You DON’T need to pay a webmaster
  • author-specific social media
  • professional media training
  • video book trailers
  • vetted book review directories
  • book club sourcing
  • access to indie bookstores and indie publishers
  • regular news and advice on all aspects of author marketing

WWW’s Winner Circle

The Winner Circle is a subscription based portal built exclusively for today’s emerging author.

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Menu items in the Winner Circle include:

  • Best Book Review Sites, vetted and rated and organized in a huge directory by genre
  • An interactive map of live book clubs
  • Links to independent and chain book stores from coast to coast
  • Upcoming competitions, writers conferences and book festivals
  • Links to indie and hybrid publishers
  • WWW Club Forum
  • Online Tools for Authors
  • Templates and Tutorials
  • Links to Blog Directories
  • Discounts and deals on publishing services and writer’s conferences
  • And much more, with new exclusive content added each week!

Winner Circle Put Our Author Marketing Team in Your Corner!Build recognition for yourself as an author.  We’re here for you…

  • When you need to promote your upcoming book release
  • When it’s time to build your author website to engage your audience and establish your platform
  • When you want to better wield the power of the site you have, or would enjoy insights into launching a blog that will quickly build your readership and media appeal.
  • When you’re looking to widen your circle of influence with author social media.
  • When you’re ready to blaze a media trail or hit the speaker circuit with advice from a professional media trainer.
  • When it’s time to build a video trailer to announce your new book release.

Email info@writerswin.com to set up a free private consultation or visit our SERVICES page to learn more, including service pricing. We encourage you to learn as much as you can from our site before we chat so we can spend our phone time learning more about YOU and your work.

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We work with passionate writers, from aspiring talents all the way to well-established authors, to increase your visibility, connect you with readers and maximize your book sales, whether fiction or non-fiction.

We’re ready to work with YOU!


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