Evan Head ShotSuper Economical, Without Sacrificing Great Quality!

Our newest member of the WWW collaborative team, Evan Staley offers an unbelievable video book trailer price to our tribe of just $275. AND, if you’re a member of the Winner Circle, just $225 – $50 off!

Evan Staley is the creator of Ink2Cinema, a production team that focuses on unique video book trailers that get results. For the past two years he has been producing book trailers for publishers and authors around the U.S., and he truly believes that the synthesis between writing and film/television can be a powerful and inspirational combination.

Learn more about Evan at his website, and if you’re a Winner Circle member and need a code from us for your discount, email info@writerswin.com. (This discount alone practically pays for your membership!)

One thought on “Video Book Trailers

  • November 11, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    Hi … I’m interested in your expanded package for a funny thriller I have written called Transformed: San Francisco. It’s about a transman (female to male) CIA operative and his love interest/sidekick, a socialite turned dominatrix, who set out to bring down a Christian extremist plotting a terror attack on San Francisco. I loved what you did with The Lost Reflection … if you can catch a bit of the humor in our book as well as the tension, that could be a good fit. Thanks! Suzanne Falter

    PS. Our launch is in early Feb 2016

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