Ellie-Davis-150x150Ellie Maas Davis is the founder of Pressque, a nine-year-old publishing consultation firm that offers editing, ghostwriting, and screenwriting services to authors and publishers. She has ghostwritten over twenty works of nonfiction, and is mentioned by name as the author of The Humours of Folly and coauthor of Shooter: A Woman’s Journey in Combat from Behind the Camera.

A regular book reviewer for The Post and Courier, she is published in a number of anthologies, most recently, Seeking: Poetry and Prose Written in Response to Jonathan Green’s Painting. Her publishing houses, Oyster Point Press and Pressque Publishing, mostly focus on promoting Southern authors and stories that have originated in the South.

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  • September 9, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    I recently had my first book published through Tellwell, out of Victoria, BC. Although I paid what I thought was a substantial price for editing, there were blatant errors in paragraph structure that were ignored, only to be pointed out to me later by some knowledgeable friends.
    Most important, I neglected to make a new paragraph for each person’s comments, running two or more together into one paragraph. I should have seen that for myself, but was so involved in telling my story that I didn’t think of it.
    I have six sequels in the works now, at various stages of completion. My first is a historic novel, dated 1907 and placed on a ranch in Alberta, just outside of Calgary, where I worked some years ago as ‘cookee’ cook’s helper for the summer harvest season.
    I’m now working on two novels that will pre-date the first one and will mesh with it later. Also I have one that will follow the first one, and a couple that will feature descendants of those in the first story.
    The future stories will follow proper paragraph structure, and I’m thinking of re-writing my original novel with the corrected paragraphs. But since the editor at Tellwell missed such an important detail, I’m not sure that I want to depend on him or her for future writing.
    There were no spelling or grammar errors in my text, but on some of the rewrites they did, they actually made some errors which had not been in the original script. Some of them I had to pay for, until I compared them with my original and told them it was their error. Then they corrected at no charge.
    How would you suggest I look for an editor and do you have any recommendations? I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but I want my book(s) to be the best they can be.

    Thank you in advance for any information/or suggestions you can give me.


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