New WWW Site Slides_Page_6Media Training enhances your professional profile by preparing you for public speaking at conferences, book events, and media appearances, allowing you to put forth your best professional self and garner positive attention for you and your book.

Whether a big press interview, your first book reading, or participating in a panel or writer’s workshop, you’ll cultivate more fans (and sell more books!) if you’re polished and prepared.

Virtual Media Training for Authors

Following a free consultation by phone to assess your specific speaking needs, this complete process package from media trainer Brenda McClain includes:
A. Training for media, book reading, and/or clinic or workshop presentation preparation, learning how to “think” about the opportunity, then shaping answers into customized Message Tree.
B. Training to bridge to your answers in conversations with media and potential clients. This includes Role Play either virtually or in person (see below).
C. This is a four-hour package, working with you in one hour sessions, per a schedule we decide together, whether over the course of a week or four weeks. Should you desire additional sessions you can schedule on a basis that suits your needs, for as few or as many hours as you require, or purchase another four-hour session pack.

Fee: $875.

Additional VIRTUAL Media Training hourly fees ($250) are also available to expand the 4-hour package price.

Onsite Media Training

Live Media/Speaker Training is available for clients desiring hands-on work with a professional media trainer. Perfect for gearing up for book tours and or workshop circuits as well as preparation for TV appearances. Fee is hourly ($275) and does not include travel expenses, quoted on request.