From soup to nuts… That’s always been the goal here at Where Writers Win — to provide you a “home base” from where any writer, no matter WHERE they are on their journey, can find vetted “next step” resources. Beyond our WWW team offerings and ourĀ  Winner Circle of vetted access to influencers, we’re always seeking the best and brightest in the industry with whom we feel confident referring our tribe.

Stage 1. Coaching/Editing/Ghostwriting

Whether you’ve just begun your book planning and need a ghostwriter or coach to get the job done, or you need quality editing services, these partners are ready to help (and offer competitive pricing to WWW readers as well as special discounts to Winner Circle members).

Stage 2. Professional Publishing Partners

We work with a select few partner publishers. Some offer traditional publishing deals, some hybrid models, some self-publish models, and some a combination of those. We offer discounts to their authors on WWW services; they offer special services to folks we send their way. Take a look at what each has to offer to see if there’s a fit for you. Questions? Email us at

Stage 3. Perfect Prep / Dutiful Distribution

If you’re self publishing and/or creating your own imprint, we heartily recommend these very fine companies to help you put your best foot forward:

Stage 4. Read All About It

You’ve published your book; you’ve launched your author website. You’re blogging and sharing fabulous content with your social media outlets. Now, like those late night infomercials shout, “But wait, there’s more!” Here are our favorite review companies and PR firms that can offer you plenty more bang for your PR and marketing buck: