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Where Writers Win is a collaborative team of experts in social media, website development and media training who met in the publishing arena, then began brainstorming how to bring each of our services together, in an economical way that would make sense to emerging authors. Our cumulative experience with a variety of publishing platforms and the wide range of skills we provide allows us to deliver turnkey solutions to emerging authors!

Jane Odell, Every Busy Woman LLC

JaneOdellA native of Myrtle Beach, SC, Jane Odell has worked for over 10 years as a
Graphic Designer in the Charleston area. As art director of Every Busy Woman LLC, a boutique publishing house specializing in print, web and social media projects, Jane works on Web sites, collateral materials, commercial signage among other fun things and produces The Little Black Book for every busy woman®, the word-of-mouth directory for women, quarterly.

Jane also works with a local non-profit organization, Yo Art! Project, developing and delivering creative media art enrichment programs to Low Country Schools. These creative programs encourage learning through discovery, discipline, improvisation and technique in various multi-media courses; Adobe Photoshop, Point-and-shoot Photography, PowerPoint and Page Layout. Jane loves nurturing these relationships with such a diverse group of children so that they are able to express themselves as they develop and discover their artistic selves.

When she is not busy molding young minds or cracking the creative whip for clients, Jane spends her extra time playing roller derby for The Lowcountry Highrollers. As a part of LCHR, she is able to get out her extra energy as a power-hitting blocker. She also likes to spend her time relaxing at the beach, paddle-boarding and traveling to new places.

As a team member of Where Writers Win, Odell designs author websites through our created series of author templates that allow for the implementation of custom websites emerging authors at a fraction of the custom website price, while still allowing full functionality, training, and the ability for authors to consistently update their own website easily to keep content relevant.