The Where Writers Win team offers a number of professional services geared specifically to authors, whether you are an aspiring talent, an emerging author or an established author looking to increase your visibility. Below is an overview of our services. Each includes a link to further information and pricing. Questions? Feel free to email or call 843.834.1872.


We offer a complementary twenty-minute consultation to assess your needs, discuss your goals and help you plan an end game — both for you as an author and for your book(s). We’ll ask you a number of questions to learn about you and your writing. Then we’ll suggest a plan of attack, whether that’s working with us, or referring you to other resources! EMAIL US to set up a time to chat.       

Social Media:

We show you how to reach out via today’s most popular social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) and how to target your social media to discover and reach your audience. We then add to your social media mix with sites we research specifically for you, platforms that fit your targeted parameters and enhance your platform.

We coach you through each roll-out, giving you tips and tricks to increase your visibility and add new sites as they become relevant to your needs, along with providing extra tools that will make your author marketing experience productive and fun. We keep up with author social media trends, too – and are eager to share that info so you’ll always have the latest knowledge at your disposal.

Media Training:

Media Training enhances your professional profile by preparing you for public speaking at writers conferences, book events, and media appearances, allowing you to put forth your best professional self and garner positive attention for you and your book.

Book Trailers:

Video book trailers are today’s hot promotional tool for authors; they add animation to websites, offer interesting content for social media outlets, and draw consumers to your book. Think of it as a moving, talking book blurb.

Writer Coaching / Editing:

Whether you need an editor, a writing coach, or an executive coach in your corner to complete a project, we’re ready to play for your team! This includes any assistance you may need with editing, developing press releases or press kits, varied web content, blog posts, articles, speeches, ad copy, brochures, outbound e-newsletters and whatever else you need help writing and/or editing to help better deliver your message! Email to set up a phone consultation.

Specialized Services

Specialized services provided by the WWW team include:

  • Traditional/Outbound Marketing: Marketing/Strategic Plans to integrate your inbound/outbound marketing, PR campaigns and media release distribution, creating, assembling and distributing press kits, ad services, artwork, and materials production, from bookmarks to bookplates.

  • Art/Graphic Design: Options include everything from layout, design, logo/branding art for brochures, bookmarks, bookplates, e-newsletters, business cards and stationery, up to designing a book cover and plates for your self-published books. All your graphic needs as an author are completed to your specs, in a timely fashion and within your budget!

  • Other Specialized Services: From website migration to extended services on packages to partnership discounts with other author resources and tools.


What Clients Have to Say

Whatever service you choose, we want you to feel confident in your selection of the Where Writers Win team. Our clients are ready and willing to provide references and to connect with you to help your book soar!

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