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Joanne Cleaver : Wilson-Taylor Associates, Inc.

Since 1981, Joanne Cleaver has been writing about entrepreneurship, women in business, technology and business strategy for national publications including Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago Tribune, Parents, Working Mother, Good Housekeeping, and many other media outlets and major websites.

Since 1998, she has evolved her aptitude for analysis to design and manage major research projects that examine workplace culture and how women advance, with results published by major magazines and large associations.

Joanne has authored three family travel books, three books on business growth, and in 2012,  The Career Lattice was published by McGraw Professional.

All of this paved the way for Cleaver’s own next career step: helping organizations and experts develop and deliver strategic messages, through her communication consulting firm Wilson-Taylor Associates, Inc. that works with clients to craft content that persuades, compells and engages, to get content out through media interviews and to develop messaging strategy that keeps communication staff, executives and experts on point and in sync

She lives in downtown Chicago with her husband but not with her three grown daughters!

The Career Lattice:

“Why is over the new up? Because lateral moves are the only sustainable mode of career advancement in a slow-growth economy. Take it from me: my own industry — journalism – is collapsing, but I’ve sidestepped career obsolescence by following my own advice. I’ve evolved from a traditional freelance writer to the owner of a strategic communication firm that offers editorial & research services, plus consulting and training in strategic messaging.

“But I’m not the only authority you’ll meet in the pages; The Career Lattice profiles successful latticers and lattice programs at companies from Accenture to Xerox. And, it draws on the enormous expertise of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, a nonprofit that designs workplace training programs — and that popularized the term ‘career lattice’ in 2003 for the healthcare industry.

“Individuals, managers, and even economic development types will find both help and hope!” — Joanne Cleaver