The following freelance editors are listed alphabetically. Each are listed at their request:

Marlene Adelstein is a professional freelance book editor with over twenty years experience. She specialize in novels (commercial fiction, women’s, thrillers, mystery) memoir and screenplays. Visit or email

Cynthia Baumann: Based in PA, Cynthia edits mostly fiction, and enjoys science fiction and fantasy, including urban fantasy and supernatural genres, and historical fiction. She proofreads The Journal of Unlikely Entomology. Email Cynthia at

Bonnie Lee Black: Bonnie has been a writer/editor for 30+ years and is especially interested in freelance cookbook editing, and is based in Taos, New Mexico. Email her at

Virginia Bowen: Virginia rovides all levels of editing for non-fiction, fiction, children’s, and marketing publications. Specialist in animal and science topics. Besides, she also has a partnership at Email Virginia at

Rosalie L. Donlon, J.D.: Donlon Editorial Services LLC provides extensive B2B writing, editing and content strategy experience in a variety of subject areas, including safety and OSHA, employment and labor law, payroll, pension and retirement plans, and human resources. You can also reach Rosalie at

JoAnne Dyer: Seattle based, JoAnn is principal of Seven Madronas Communications, a graduate of the UC San Diego copy editing program and the University of Washington School of Communications. She specializes in nonfiction, web content, and mysteries. Email JoAnne at

Melinda Fulton: Specializes in editing romance (content, copyediting, proofreading, research) and has worked with USA Today and NY Times Bestseller Jill Shalvis! Reach Melinda at

Kendall Margaret Hoover: Edits everything from blogs to business materials, resumes to cover letters, book proposals to books. Visit Great Marks Proofreading Consultants for more info or email

Michelle Hutchinson is genuinely interested in what you have to say and helping you say it well. As president of Wordhelper, LLC, she edits and proofreads manuscripts across a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres. She works with authors throughout North America via online conference rooms, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. For more information, visit or contact Michelle at michelle.hutchinson[at]wordhelper[dot]com.

Sandra Johnson specializes in upscale commercial and literary fiction along with narrative nonfiction and self-help. USA Today bestselling novelist Blaire Edens states, “Sandra is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with.”  Visit  Email:

Caroline Kaiser: Toronto-based, Caroline’s list includes YA, sci-fi, memoir and historical fiction. Email Caroline at

Linda Legters works primarily with fiction and creative non-fiction writers. No job is too small, and no job is too big, from proofreading to complete manuscript review. She is a long-time resident of Connecticut and the NYC area. Visit Linda at, or contact her at

Lorelei Logsdon is a professional freelance editor based in North Carolina, who specializes in full-service editing for independent authors and self-publishers. She has edited over 300 books for first-time authors, multi-published authors, and NYT, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors of all genres, including erotica and horror. She has a master’s degree in English, has self-published a dozen books in various genres, and has over twenty years of experience as a professional writer within multiple industries. You can reach Lorelei by visiting her website at, or by emailing her directly at

Alice Peck: Working from Brooklyn, NY, Alice edits and coaches authors at every stage of the process—concept, book proposal, first draft, or publisher’s revisions. Her interests include: memoir/autobiography, narrative, spirituality and religion, social issues, literary and popular fiction. Email Alice at

PenUltimate Editorial Services: Freelance editor Arlene Prunkl provides all levels of editorial services from substantive editing through copy editing and proofreading for a wide variety of genres including all kinds of fiction and nonfiction, memoirs, self-help, and more. Arlene works mainly with self-publishing authors and in 2011 was a finalist for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, Canada’s top editing award. Email Arlene at

Pressque, LLC: Pressque has a fantastic team of ghostwriters, screenwriters, editors, and designers. With every single book project, their goal—whether the author is with an indie publisher or a traditional one—is to have a global mindset. Authors and publishers interested in editorial, ghostwriting or publishing services should fill out their online form or call them direct at 843.437.1958

Nikki Rae is an author and editor with over ten years of experience. She enjoys fiction of all shapes and sizes and reads widely across genres. Visit her at and email her at

Elle Michael River is based in New Jersey; she primarily edits fantasy, science fiction, and romance – “I will tackle those tricky romance scenes!” However, any fiction is wonderful. She also enjoys editing children’s books and did course work on both the educational and literary value of children’s and young adult literature. Visit her website at her name link above, or email

Maya Rock, a former Writers House literary agent, runs Rock Editorial Services, a book editing company, that specializes in young adult, literary, romance, scifi and fantasy, and memoir editing as well as query letter and synopsis development. Her clients have been published by all the major houses. You can find out more about her services at You can reach her at

Tammy Salyer has ten-plus years of experience writing and editing everything from grant and research materials, to marketing and advertising copy, to web content, blogs, novels and short stories, Tammy is well-versed and comfortable with the most commonly known punctuation and style guides (i.e., APA, AP, CMS, Words into Type, etc.). Additionally, she has a certificate in copyediting from Media Bistro. She also provides services as an ebook formatter. Contact her at t.l.salyer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Laurie Skemp: Certified freelance copy editor, specializes in grammar, punctuation and usage. Dangling participles and split infinitives are two of her pet peeves. Past projects include YA, Science Fiction, Futuristic and Romance. Laurie is a member of the Freelance Editors Association, and her website is Email her at

A.J. Smuskiewicz is a freelance writer and editor with 25 years of professional experience. He specializes in science, health/medicine, LGBT/sexuality issues, and world/current events. He especially enjoys working on educational articles and books at the high school, college, and general adult levels, as well as such products as memoirs/autobiographies, novels, and college theses. He also helps foreign-born authors convert their text into proper English. Contact A.J. at
T. Strange loves reading and the puzzle of hunting down typos and grammatical errors in texts. She’ll read anything and everything. She’s familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. As an author herself, she understands the need for professional proofreading. Contact her at

Anne Victory: Victory Editing specializes in manuscript editing and after-formatting, final pass “Oops” Detection! Click on her name to visit Anne’s website or email

Mishael Austin Witty has been expertly “manipulating words” since 1992, and she’s been a professional writer/editor since 2001. In the in-between years, she graduated from high school and college and got a master’s degree in experimental psychology. A member of the Christian PEN Editorial network, she edits both fiction and nonfiction—Christian and secular. A Jane of all trades, she can assure satisfactory completion of any editing or writing project that comes her way.  Email her at

Word Works: Charleston, SC based Mary B. Johnston specializes in non-fiction work. Email Mary at




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  • November 4, 2012 at 5:38 am

    I’m a new writer from Romania.Until now i publish on the amazon and kindle,my first novel,write in romanian language,”Katrina,pacat din iubire”.I translate it in english and i put it on amazon and kindle:”Katrina,sin of love”,but in english is not working very vell.I seems is not very well translate .If i want to colaborate with you,to verify my work(romance novel) and to publish into your editure,how i must to do?Help me,i want to retranslate and republish my novel who is a very beatiful love story from my country,before the Second World War!!!
    My best regards,Alma Jane Sirbu

    • November 4, 2012 at 1:39 pm

      We don’t have a translation department but suggest you join Linked In and put a call out for a translator there – someone will likely respond within a day!

    • March 26, 2013 at 12:16 am

      Alma, I see that your post is several months old, but if you are still looking for a translator, try Arch Kennedy at KeyLingo. He has a large team of translators. You can reach him by email at arch.kennedy[at]keylingo[dot]com or by phone at 404-909-6860. Feel free to tell him that I recommended his team to you.

      • May 22, 2013 at 9:26 am

        Thanks very much Michelle! Now I enter here and have read your response, but I don’t need help now, because it was someone who help me and he read my book until now. He tells me the book is very good translated in american-english and I hope now to re-edit with an editor from USA.
        If anyone interested, please contact me on my e-mail:
        All the best from me, Alma Jane Sirbu!!!

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