writing-tips-where-writers-winFragments and run-ons and comma splices, oh my… Grammar Check has offered up this useful resource for all writers that blog. The tool highlights common spelling errors, the misuse of commas, as well as the difference between speech and writing.

If there’s one thing we DON’T want to see on an author’s blog posts, it’s grammatical errors. After all, your website is giving readers a taste of what it would be like to read your work. If the work is riddled with errors and typos, well…

Remember, your blog writing will reflect on all your writing… get it right!

Enjoy this and visit GrammarCheck.net to see more cool infographics!

Ten Common Blog Writing Mistakes

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2 thoughts on “Authors: Avoid These 10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes (Infographic)

  • March 1, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Rules 1 and 9 are too formal for fiction and conversational type blogs. I use sentence fragments for effect and am a big fan of the comma splice. If the combined sentence get too long to be separated by a comma, I use a period and make it two sentences. This lets me avoid semi-colons which, sadly, MSWord has reintroduced into informal writing. Rule 9 can result in really stuffy prose. I realize there are many audiences that demand formal grammar, but mine is not one of them and I advise your readers to consider their own audience before applying these rules. The rest of the rules are very accurate and I’m particularly fond of rule 10 about not relying on Spellcheck.

    • March 1, 2014 at 2:22 pm

      EXCELLENT points Connie and yes, posts should be conversational and reflect our own writing styles, too. More important are the unintentional run-ons, spelling errors, missing words, etc. The thing writers can forget is that even 250 words need our proofreading eye, not just that novel 🙂 Thanks for weighing in!

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