organize-your-writing-spaceOur thanks to writing coach Emily Johnson for this guest post!

Everyone’s writing process needs our concentration, creativity, and inspiration. One might argue but writing is nothing without convenient conditions. Of course, most people believe their house is cozy; it’s not a problem to find a quiet place for writing there, but it might become a real problem when you need to write something with time limits.

The first thing all writers need to remember is that it is really important to have a comfortable writing space just for you. First, this place needs to motivate and help you to write high-quality content without wasting time. Second, it can be problematic to work at home, so you need to enjoy working there.

Here are three major tips how to make your writing space comfortable:

1. Organize your desk

Be sure to have all necessary stuff on your desk. Have everything you need to make notes. Don’t forget about plants to make the air clean. It’s also a good idea to hide everything you don’t use often. Having a clean space motivates you to work harder.

2. Organize your writing office

Make sure you have two “zones” in your writing area. Be ready to separate computer and non-computer work. It’s important to have a place to relax a bit, take a break, and get away from the screen.

3. Add some comfort and health

Do you have a nice view from the window? Don’t be afraid to stand up from time to time and enjoy it. It can boost your creativity. Have healthy drinks (i.e. green tea) and snacks (dried fruits and nuts are good options) nearby so you don’t have to retreat to the kitchen and interrupt your work if you’re in the “zone.” Sitting (or standing) properly is also key to pain-free work sessions and increased productivity.

Emily Johnson, content strategist at the OmniPapers blog, loves the writing process. She is a writing coach who shares tips and tricks to help others improve their writing skills. Connect with Emily on FaceBook.

4 thoughts on “Three Ways to Organize Your Ultimate Home Writing Space (Plus Infographic)

  • August 4, 2015 at 10:45 am


    Great tips! Thank you.
    I noticed in the 2nd paragraph, 5th line, near end of line: “with wasting” should read, “without wasting.”

    Thank you.

    Douglas Crotty
    Freelance Writer/Editor

  • August 4, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Shari, thanks for publishing!
    Great post!

    • August 4, 2015 at 10:06 am

      Thank YOU, Emily — Looks great (and useful info for our tribe of amazing writers…) Think I’ll go organize my space now…:)

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