Four Fun Infographics Just for Writers

lightbulb-moments-for-writersFollowing the Labor Day holiday we hope everyone’s back from the break with new and creative ideas. But once in a while it’s nice to take a look at the lighter side of this art and business we call writing.

So we thought we’d cobble together a few of our favorite infographics to do with writing… And for all of you on a mission, we promise, there’s some great advice mixed into the fun…

1. Avoiding Writer’s Block

writersblock12. 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

better-writer-graphic3. The five habits of highly motivated novelists:

wpid-photo-20012013-837-pm4. Finally, don’t forget to check for mistakes!




    Hilarious! But number 1 had me really rolling :) Great share…I and did :)

  2. Mistakes are the bane of my entire breathing space, I vote for #4

    • Shari Stauch says:

      Ha ha… it IS like a little pocket editor, eh? (And don’t kid yourself – I’ve YET to read a book I didn’t find a mistake in – happens to us ALL…)

  3. Nancy Brock says:

    This should be a poster!

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