go to site If there’s one indisputable fact that social media marketers have agreed upon over the last year, it’s that clever and compelling social media images are critical. The more critical they become, the more education is being addressed on this topic.


cialis con alcohol For authors, most of whom are getting 80% or more of their sales online, we need to pay attention to the quality of our own social media images to better connect with our reading audience. Sure, we may be about the words, but let’s not forget that a picture can be worth a thousand of ’em… or more, if those images are helping readers engage with you!

Naturally we’ve happened upon a few fabulous resources that will prove useful, including two free ebooks and a cool infographic below… Get studying and share your results!


1. The Ultimate Guide to Designing Epic Social Media Images

http://rocheassociates.com/where-to-buy-viagra-without-a-prescription-1165/ From click www.venngage.com – a site that helps you create cool infographics. Their ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Designing Epic Social Media Images, takes you through the entire process of creating visuals for social media. You can check out a brief summary of the content and download the ebook here: http://owjn.org/1744-where-can-i-buy-an-essay/ https://venngage.com/blog/create-epic-visuals-social-media/

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click here It’s free, is over 60 pages long and it’s crammed with cool intel – Check it out (definitely worth the “price” of submitting an email address!)


2. How to Create Visual Content for Maximum Social Media Impact [Free Ebook]

https://soulfullsisters.com/programs/purchase-an-expository-essay/77/ In this new free 32 page ebook from www.postplanner.com, you’ll learn how to find and create images for visual IMPACT:

  • Discover the 8 traits of successful social media images
  • Learn how to create the kind of images fans devour!
  • Create mobile-friendly social media images in a flash
  • Get the recipe for snackable visual content
  • Take the guesswork out of determining which content works best
  • Find out how to tailor content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and more

3. How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 6 [Infographic]

follow link The great infographic below from source site www.mycleveragency.com gives you both some photo insights and useful overall post advice to creating social media posts that pull interest.


source Enjoy, and be sure to share your coolest images and posts with your comments below – we’ll be picking out our favorites for an upcoming “Here’s How It’s Done” article!


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