social-media-databaseOnce you’re ready to start getting exposure for your work via your website, PR and social media, you’ll quickly discover that this will require opening a number of accounts, all requiring unique usernames and passwords. It will help if you start a database from the beginning of this journey in order to have your info easily accessible in one document.

The example shown below is the type of database we set up for clients, allowing them to keep track of:

  1. The name of the site
  2. The type (i.e. an author resource, a site for PR, a social network, etc.
  3. The url to access your page at the site (i.e. smith)
  4. Your Username
  5. Your Password
  6. Value of the site to you — a quick note as to why you’ve opened an account here
  7. Check, meaning, how often you’ll want to return to this site – some will be daily, others will be weekly or less. Looking at them all in one place can give you a sense of how often to engage with each. Some clients even put in days, so they know for instance they’ll look at author-centric sites on Mondays, reader-centric sites on Tuesdays, etc.
  8. Tracking is a place to put in your #’s and watch them grow. In example, when you begin you may have 100 Twitter followers; next week when you check it may be up to 150. By looking at all your fans and followers in one place you can quickly watch your platform expand!


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