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PubSense_250x250Thanks to WWW team member and PubSense Summit 2015 conference faculty member Jacqueline Gum for this guest post. Read on for your special WWW discount code and important deadlines!

Writing a book is, either fortunately or unfortunately, one of the most common endeavors known to humankind. Everyone is writing a book. Your weird uncle Al is writing a book. So’s your neighbor and the waitress who served your dinner last week. Some of them will even finish. Some of them are even good writers with good stories to tell. And all of them are trying to get published.

This is not a big-fish-in-a-small-pond scenario. It’s a big-fish-in-a-galaxy-of-oceans-filled-with-other-equally-large-fish situation.

The good news is: You have every reason to believe that you have a chance. Publishers and agents and readers are always looking for new and exciting books, and there is more fluidity than ever in how stories are distributed and how money is made. But one thing is certain, the only constant thing in publishing today is change.

One could spend days and weeks trying to read all the articles and blog posts meant to educate us on the current direction an emerging author should take for their best chance at success.

Or a savvy emerging author could choose to attend the three-day PubSense Summit, jam-packed with sessions, with the right answers delivered to you, in person, by today’s publishing industry leaders.

Like many industries, who you know is at least as important as what you know or how well you do your job. Many authors find their agents, publishers, writing friends, and mentors through in-person connections. There’s a lot to be said for the inspiration of meeting so many real people who have experienced success. Attending the PubSense Summit affords a unique opportunity to meet and speak with insiders and network with fellow scribes…

Heads-Up Deadline: February 1st is the last day you can take advantage of drastically reduced group rates at the host Francis Marion hotel. To book your room at the Francis Marion Hotel, please call their reservation desk (843-722-0600) and mention PubSense Summit to receive your special room rate of only $184/nite plus tax. Again, these special room rates end February 1, 2015, so please book early!


PubSense Summit Registration Contest!

Have you registered yet to be eligible for the PubSense Summit Registration Contest? The PRIZE: A Free Promotional Consult and Marketing Plan courtesy of Claire McKinney PR – Valued at $1,000.00.

Well known book publicist Claire McKinney will:

  • read a portion of your manuscript;
  • conduct a one hour consultation either on-site at PubSense Summit™ or at another mutually convenient time;
  • discuss different strategies and ideas with you;
  • create a promotional plan including publicity and marketing ideas for you and your book;
  • AND deliver you a written plan to you for your use!

Winner will be announced at the PubSense Summit Keynote Breakfast, Monday March 23rd!

2 thoughts on “Emerging Author? Distance Yourself from The Pack

  • January 19, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Wish there were more events like this one in the UK.

    • January 20, 2015 at 1:52 am

      Ah, maybe someday, Drae! Time to come across the pond and join us!

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