One of WWW’s stellar publishing partners, Gatekeeper Press has announced an offer to all authors recently left in the dust by the closing of Tate Publishing.

Through the end of May, Gatekeeper Press is offering a discount of 50% off all its services to any author formerly affiliated with Tate. These authors are encouraged to immediately contact Gatekeeper Press at or by calling 866-535-0913. They need only provide their Tate Contract Release Form to receive the discount.

Gatekeeper Press is a publishing service provider and distribution aggregator run by the Independent Book Publishers Association’s (IBPA) Board Chair-Elect, Rob Price. It burst onto the scene in 2015 by offering authors 100% rights, royalties, and control, along with a full suite of a la carte services, including Cover Design ($299), eBook Conversion and Distribution ($299), Paperback Design and Distribution ($399), Hardcover Design and Distribution ($399), Editing and Proofreading ($12.50/1,000 words and $7.50/1,000 words), and illustrations for children’s books ($40 per illustration).

Price says, “This offer symbolizes what Gatekeeper Press is all about: an author-centric approach with unparalleled attention. One by one, we continue to change the perception of the self-publishing industry and continue to open the gates of book-publishing with the highest quality and best prices. Simply put, we treat our authors like family.”

And they have. WWW has had a number of authors seek their services, both for new work and to move/improve work previously published elsewhere. Said WWW founder Shari Stauch, “Gatekeeper Press continues to do right by their authors, which makes us happy to refer authors to them, knowing they’ll be well cared for. That they’re making this move for Tate authors just shows the world we already know; they really do put authors’ interests first.”


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