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Anyone involved in creative work does go through a creative block phase. Everyone has a dash of a creativity in them. But everyday routines, mundane tasks and even criticism can block the inner creative being from coming out freely.

If you ask Dr. Google ways to spark your creativity you’ll come across a number of articles that encourage healthy eating, sleeping and other mindful patterns that help you accept that you are a creative person and how embrace it all. While these sources are great to boost your creativity long-term, if you’re hard pressed for time, then there are other online sources that can help you do the same, and instantly!

Here’s a look at who they are and what they have to offer, my favorite list of best sources to spark  creativity:


It is mind-boggling to see the plethora of sources this website offers to not only explore your creativity but also to express it within the network. This website offers free sources such as articles, projects, interviews, writer’s prompts and even plays to boost your inner creative genius.

When you visit the website, it may take some time to get used to the design. Take a few minutes to pick and choose from the numerous options! Whether you are a writer that needs help with writer’s block, an artist in search of a muse, or a parent looking for creative activities for your kids, or all three, this is a one-stop-shop for you!


In this digital age where everything and everyone is online, the simple art of journaling now has found its way into the digital world. After all, a little journaling every day keeps the spirit of writing going and your creativity flowing!

This website has two options – the free and the pro version ($19.99 or Pro Plus $49.99). If you want to keep an online journal, then this is the source. The free version gives you unlimited space to journal, insert photos from social media, sharing, printing, autosaving, and email reminders among other features. The pro version has the same and offers more advanced features such as grammar, spell check, formatting, tagging and mobile access via app.

3. EssayDot

After spending a lot of time piecing research information together, your creativity may face a blank wall – and you may be hard pressed to finish a paper or article on time. That is exactly when this website comes into play. All you need to do is give your requirement for either essay, term/research paper, thesis/dissertation or coursework, pay and wait for your paper to be delivered. Having a fully prepared and plagiarism-free work may give you a ready framework to spark your creativity, or just let you check off that article that’s due so you can get back to your novel!

4. Plagtracker

This website offers to check your paper, or your writing for plagiarism. There may be times when you want to get all the information related to your writing work in one place and then edit the same, using your own ideas and paraphrases.

While there is no harm in using such a strategy, you may leave behind a sentence or two unedited. This can be highlighted as plagiarism and you can be penalized. Using this website ensures that your work remains unique.

5. Etherpad

When you feel the need to collaborate with your friends, colleagues or editor, here is a tool that allows you to do just that and more! After all, creativity can be sparked by healthy discussions and even competition. Use this open source tool to collaborate and edit documents online and in real-time.

6. DailyWritingTips

Writing clearly and effectively has become so important these days. Whether it’s writing emails, working on blog posts for your own website, or posting on social media, everything involves clear writing. This website that has a number of writing tips – just as the name suggests. From writing basics to misused words and freelance or fiction writing, you can find resources here to spark your creativity.

7. Fotolia (by Adobe)

When your creativity is blocked for words, use images. This website has great (and millions of) images, graphics and even videos for all kinds of categories; from people and places to food to animals. Using thoughtful images can get your creative juices flowing right away. Describing a place in your novel? Search for the picture to discover those details you may have missed, or discover a new locale or food to write about!

If requiring images for your website or blog, you have the option to pay per image, get their monthly package or be a part of their daily subscriptions. Get what you need, get support and even join a community to spark your creativity at Fotolia!

Have a website that’s sparked your own creativity? Tell us about it with your comment below!

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