We created WWW in 2012 with the simple mission to provide user-friendly author websites and easy social media training to help authors reach readers. But since then, a big part of what we do is to vet resources for authors, both with reviewers, book clubs and competitions in our Winner Circle, and by identifying expert indie author services that treat authors right, and are still gentle on the pocketbook.

In a space that’s become overcrowded with author service providers, and few gatekeepers to govern the quality, expertise, and pricing of those providers, finding the right folks is critical. Because it’s heartbreaking when an author comes to us having spent upwards of $10,000 for inferior or under-delivered or flat-out undelivered services. (And that’s about as politically correct as we can put it…)

Recently we’ve had a lot of indie authors seeking to self-publish, but with keener knowledge that they do have to employ a team to accomplish certain aspects of their book production, whether that be initial editing, copy-editing, proofreading, cover design or the book’s interior design and conversion to print and e-book files. Our own focus is on helping writers reach readers post-production, so we continue to seek partners who can deliver on the production side.

Most recently, we’ve added two useful companies to our Approved Partner Page. We thought it would be appropriate to share a little about each, why we dig ’em, and what they offer indie authors:

Gatekeeper Press: Self-Publishing Game-Changer

gatekeeper-logoGatekeeper Press is an independently-owned publishing house and distribution aggregator (meaning they put your book listings onto a lot of their partner sites such as ibookstore, Ingram, Kobo, Overdrive, etc). They offer authors higher payouts  and better quality and prices than the other players in the self-publishing industry. Gatekeeper authors keep 100% of their sales, retain 100% of their rights, and pay the lowest costs for editorial, design, and production services.

Perhaps most important of all to us is Gatekeeper’s unlimited consultation and unparalleled author-centric approach.

Gatekeeper was founded by self-published author and publishing entrepreneur, Rob Price, who also serves as the Treasurer of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).  He has a sincere desire to see indie authors and publishers succeed and Rob works personally with all Gatekeeper authors to exceed expectations.

He’s also accessible (he’s been incredibly responsive to every author we’ve sent him to date!) You can email Rob or call him on his direct line (866-535-0913 ext. 713) to see if Gatekeeper is the right match for you, or schedule a free 30 minute consultation here.

Below are just some of the advantages Gatekeeper offers its authors:

–          100% royalties & Rights
–          Higher payouts than CreateSpace and Ingram Spark
–          Distribution to 39,000+ Book Retailers Worldwide
–          eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover Options
–          Unlimited Consultation
–          Free ISBNs
–          Lowest Cost Book Printing
–          No Minimum Purchase Requirement
–          Satisfaction guarantee

Cascadia Author Services: Use What You Need, Leave the Rest Behind

cas-logoA few years back I had the pleasure of meeting the publisher of Promontory Press, Bennett Coles. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Ben is himself a successful author who became keen to help authors with a partner publishing model that ensures the publisher still has “skin in the game.” We’ve seen Promontory Press at regional industry shows around the country, working hard to promote each author they work with; it’s dedication worth mentioning.

But of course not every author, especially new author, wants or needs a traditional or partner publishing model deal and still wants to self-publish their books. Cascadia Author Services (CAS) was established by Ben and his team to provide indie author services with a very simple mandate: Don’t take advantage of the author. Says Ben, “All of us on the team have experience in both the traditional and the self-publishing worlds, and we’ve seen the kinds of challenges which authors face.”

CAS is different from any self-publisher in that they’re not billing themselves as a publisher, simply as a service provider. “We are not a publisher, nor do we make any promises to get your book to market,” Ben explains. “We are an author service provider.”

In fact, CAS won’t publish your book, because if you’re pursuing the self-publishing route that’s something you can do more easily and affordably on your own (or with the assistance of folks like Gatekeeper and IngramSpark). If you’re interested in the traditional route, they can help you make sure your book is the best it can be prior to submission.

They offer just the help you need, such as editing, proofing, cover design, interiors, ebook conversions and more. And Cascadia offers bundles as well as a la carte services.

Says Cascadia, “This is an exciting time to be an author, because your options are more numerous and accessible than ever before. But it’s also a dangerous time because there are a lot of sharks out there promising authors false dreams but providing little of value.”

The windup? Do your homework and know your options before you choose author services and/or a publisher.

Learn more about our stellar partners at our Approved Partners page. In addition, a list of vetted publishers is available to all members in our Winner Circle. Have a success (or not-so-successful) story to share about your self-publishing journey? Please share it with your comment below!