Unfinished ChaptersHere’s an interesting anthology opportunity from frequent WWW contributor, media relations expert and award-winning author Christina Hamlett!

Whether it’s through neglect, distance, misunderstandings or simply divergent interests, who among us hasn’t experienced relationships that either fell through the cracks with the passage of time or never had a chance to fully develop from the outset?

Through the wistful perspective of a rear-view mirror, it’s about all those names we run across in old address books, the brief encounters on airplanes that seem to hint at a future friendship, or the casual flips through high school yearbooks that cause us to wonder if our classmates voted “Most Likely To…” ever actually did.

Unfinished Chapters is an upcoming paperback anthology which will feature the best original essays by writers across the country and around the world in the following categories:

Disappearing Acts

This category is about guesses and speculations, dogged pursuits of the truth, acceptance of the loss, and moving on.

Too Late For Goodbye

This category is about all the words you wished you had said as well as the unfinished business of apologizing for some of those conversations you now regret.

“I Do” It Over

This category is all about what you’d do differently to make things work the second time around, including orchestrating the timeframe to meet earlier or later than you actually did.

The Wonder Years

This category is about the classmates that either got away or moved away and left you to wonder how they turned out.

Ships That Pass

This category is about random conversations that held your attention for their particular duration but were not meant by Fate – or either participant – to go any further.

Competition Details

The competition to discover the best stories for inclusion in the anthology is open to writers 18 years and older. Authors of the top three entries submitted will respectively receive $200, $100 and $75 and will be given a feature interview when the book is published. Contest deadline: July 1, 2015. View all submission details HERE.