Here’s an interesting tidbit just in – BookLife and have partnered to offer a discounted introductory price for AUTHORS’ brand new product, the Intelligent Editorial Analysis (IEA) Report. Powered by machine learning, the report compares individual manuscripts to commercial bestsellers across hundreds of literary, syntactical, and plot-based metrics.

The report will be offered at an introductory discounted rate of $49 and is available through The retail price will be $99.

How It Works developed this software by reading and analyzing hundreds of bestselling fiction manuscripts to identify clear, objective, and measurable points in order to establish a comparable profile of the average bestseller.

When you upload your manuscript, the program grabs it, reads it, and measures it across elements of craft, style, grammar, plot, and more, to discover the similarities or dissimilarities your manuscript shares with the bestseller standard.

Does it work for all writing?

Since this program learned from bestselling fiction manuscripts, it is optimized to review fiction that is at least 40,000 words. It’s not recommended for children’s books or reference material, since the standards were not calibrated for these structures or for anything less than 40,000 words. But since some nonfiction can resemble fiction structurally—like memoir or narrative nonfiction, the program can still be effective on those genres.

How Can I Use This Report?

The report offers specific, concrete, and objective suggestions to make your book stronger and help identify the strengths you have honed. Use it as a jumping-off point for your own revisions, share findings with an editor, or use the identified strengths to gain insights.

What the Fee Gets You

Once your manuscript has been evaluated by the intelligent editorial analyses, you’ll get an email with a link to your personalized report. Each report is broken down into three categories, with external resources where applicable:

  • SUMMARY: Includes an aggregate numerical evaluation and a bird’s eye view of your manuscript from point of view to word length, readability, and more.
  • STRENGTHS: Details points of your manuscript that match the bestseller profile across elements of craft, style, and grammar.
  • OPPORTUNITIES FOR REVISION: Details points of your manuscript that are outliers in comparison to the bestseller profile to help you identify places to make your writing even stronger, like succinct language, unintended anachronisms, and more.
  • NOTE: Once you visit areas of weakness, you CAN resubmit, but it’ll cost you another fee.

Is it secure?

Your manuscript is kept secure using industry-standard encryption. They do not share your manuscript with anyone, and no one at will read it. Only the computer sees and reads your manuscript.

For a sample report, check this out – it’s pretty amazing.


“Writers nowadays have to be so adaptive to technology. It influences everything from how they share their creativity to whether they are discovered and able to achieve the reach they want,” says Monica Landers, AUTHORS CEO and co-founder. “Now that publishers have the ability to use technology to analyze books and scripts, writers are curious to know what a machine sees in their work.”

We’ll be curious to see what agents and editors think of this, too. And if it works, imagine being able to submit your manuscript to a publisher with its third party Intelligent Editorial Analysis, effectively vetting your work? Interesting…

Trying the platform? Let us know how it works for you with your comments below, and we’ll see if one of our tribe wants to be a beta-tester for their own book… stay tuned!