Authors and publishers have been contacted lately by organizations offering “self-publishing services.” They employ “boiler rooms” of sales people making relentless calls. They wear you down and are hard to resist.

Be very careful.

Some of these companies have tarnished records with a lot of unhappy customers. Several authors have complained to the Better Business Bureau and some companies have been sued.

When people are victims of scams, they often report the incidents on the Internet. Before doing business with POD publishers or any other person or company that wants your money, make a Google search for:

  • (That company name) + Scam
  • (That company name) + Fraud
  • (That company name) + Rip-off
  • (That company name) + “Better Business Bureau”

Read the reports and be advised.

Thanks to author, publisher and speaker Dan Poynter, Book Futurist, for this guest post. (Graphic courtesy

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