video-marketing-for-authorsWhether you’ve created your own book trailer, used one of our resources, or had a super slick video book trailer produced in Hollywood, you’ll want to get the most mileage out of it. That means finding new and creative ways to get that video seen by potential readers!

Here are seven (plus) ways you can and should be sharing your video book trailers. Have more? Share your insights with your comments below!

1. – The most obvious of course (besides your own author website) is YouTube. Once you’ve uploaded your video there, it’s also easy to share it to a number of places, embed it on your website, etc. For a comprehensive guide to making the most of this highly shareable video site, CLICK HERE.

2. Don’t forget to share your video on social media sites. Give yourself a reminder — perhaps one week on Facebook, another on Twitter, another on Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, etc. By scattering the video posts you’ll be casting a wide net of potential views.

And, while we don’t advocate spamming your readership, it doesn’t hurt to re-post once in a while. Existing readers will ignore it (like we do all those Coca Cola commercials) but new readers will have a chance to view.

3. Friends with websites are an overlooked option but a useful one. Get together with other authors, in your area or your genre, and share each other’s videos on your websites and social media outlets. While you’re at it, remind sites reviewing your book that you have a video and might they share it?

4.Right to those readers: Both your Amazon author page and your Goodreads author page (visit each link to learn more) allow you to share your videos, too, so don’t overlook these important outlets!

5. – One of the biggest video platforms in the world with 120 million monthly unique visitors (Comscore, 2013) generating over 2.5 billion video views every month. Dailymotion is the most popular European site, too. It’s quick, easy and free to create an account (you can log in with Facebook) and upload a video. Took less than five minutes…

6. – Here’s a book trailer dedicated site where your trailer can live, too! BookReels lets readers preview their next book purchase the same way movie lovers preview upcoming attractions – with trailers!

7. – Not just for photos – this highly social and mobile-friendly site allows for uploads of both photos and videos (so we’d better see your book cover and your latest signing there, too!)

“But wait, there’s more!”

Depending on your genre, there are sites that specialize in video trailers appealing to children, plenty of how-to video sites for non-fiction folks, videos for sports enthusiasts, humorous video sites, Christian video sites, etc.

Tip: Also try searching Google for video book trailer contests.

Outside the Box: Does your book trailer fit into the genre/theme of a movie playing at your local theater? Many local movie theaters also run local ad content – offer them your video for a fun alternative – Local interest pricing is often more reasonable than you think, and a great way to create buzz and “test the waters.”

Have more video book trailer sharing ideas? Please tell us with your comments below!

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