twitter-for-writersFirst, a quick note that we’re on an abbreviated schedule here at WWW ’til the end of July – to take a bit of vacation time and recharge our engines. But as we relax and research and prepare for our next several months of posts and updates, we’re also happening upon some fun articles and infographics along the way.

This one combines two of our favorite topics — mind-mapping and Twitter, in one cool infographic, a mindmap of the tweeting process for a freelance writer, from Brian Scott at

Harnessing the power of Twitter is key to any internet marketer today, and authors and freelance writers are no exception. If you’re new to Twitter, this infographic offers a great kick0ff. If you know a bit more about tweeting, you’ll still enjoy the suggestions of how to make it work better for you as an author.

If this mind mapping looks fun to you, check out our favorite mind-mapping software, MindNode. Have a cool mind map to share with us? Send us a link with your comment below!

Click on the image below to view it larger, and check out more cool author infographics at


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