Four Steps to Successful Guest Blogging!

Love this infographic from and the advice ought to keep us all busy for the holiday weekend! Feel free to share it via the link below the graphic!

guest blogging infographic
Infographic provided by the guest blogging experts – Visit here to share it!

Get Your Author Blog Listed in Directories

We’ve discussed it before: Getting your own blog listed in as many directories as are relevant to helping you find your audience earns you more readers and more inbound links to your website. Blog directories are fabulous places to find other blogs where your community of readers are hanging out. It’s no secret that finding like-minded bloggers offers you the chance to interact, exchange blogs, and increase your own social footprint.

Unfortunately there’s no single portal to list your blog everywhere (or magic wand, for that matter). This is one of those tasks that’s going to take a little bit of online elbow grease, though once you’ve registered your blog at a couple directories the process becomes easier.

Here are two great resource articles to get you started on your homework: [Read more…]

Author Blogs Best Kept Short

A big stumbling block for authors and aspiring authors to blogging is the mistaken perception that each blog needs to be a thousand word essay. In fact, today’s blogs are more concise than ever — a quick check in with your readers and fans, perhaps about your upcoming appearances, your newest writing project, characters in your book or fun links to articles that deal with issues relevant to your themes.

We need to be aware that reading content online is “drive-by reading” on the information super highway. Which means folks don’t curl up with a good blog post like they do a good book. They scan, look for what they can glean from your words, and move along.

Not only will long posts not be fully read, but someone who continues to write long, laborious posts will be relegated to the time suck file (like those phone calls you won’t take because you know you’ll never get the other person off the line).

200-500 words is more than sufficient – 750 if you have a loyal following and/or a lot of broken up text and bullet points. Hint: if you find your topic absolutely can’t be covered in fewer words, find a good breaking point and call it Part 1 and Part II (an added incentive for folks to check back in!

Blog on, writers… we want to read your words, but save the long passages for your book.

7 Out of the Box Blogging Ideas

This is a post WWW’s Shari Stauch did as a guest of Writer Unboxed on May 4, 2012…

Sure, there’s plenty of blogging advice out there. Keep it short; build sassy headlines; include photos and bullet points, etc. But the greater issue with which most writers struggle is to find that elusive blog “hook” that will continue to resonate with the niche of readers you’re trying to attract and engage.

It’s not always easy, I know. But I can tell you this: If your book/writing has a platform (and they ALL do – sometimes you just have to dig for it) then hey, you have something to blog about!

The Bigger Picture

Even if you believe your story is “small,” it’s not. There’s always a bigger picture/issue lurking around the corner. So think about widening your lens where your own work is concerned. Ask yourself these two questions: “To whom does my writing speak?” and “What can I share with those people that matters?”

Here are seven examples from clients that may help get you thinking about your blog focus: [Read more…]