Thanks to author/blogger Cassie Phillips for this guest contribution.

For any self-published author, the marketing process is nearly as important as the actual writing. Without the support of a publishing house team around you, getting your work out to the public is very often a one-man mission.

There are countless fantastic marketing tutorials available on the web, which can teach you all the tried-and-tested methods for attracting readers. However, as the internet continues to flood with new creatives and innovative ideas, sometimes you have to start thinking outside the box!

1. Add Visuals

Vision is the king of the senses. According to statistics, when given a piece of information, there is a 90 percent chance you’ll forget it in three days. However, if that information is presented with a relevant image, this drops to 35 percent. Obviously, visuals play a significant role in successful marketing.

While many simply add a picture of the book cover to a line of text, getting creative in this area will significantly increase your buzz online. Try coming up with a video trailer for your book or produce a photo collection based on the content. Similarly, releasing YouTube videos where you, as the author, reads snippets, will increase your reach even further.

2. Workshops In Schools/Colleges

Education is a fantastic way to broaden your reach as a writer. When most authors market their work, they very often promote the product and not their skill set. However, the vast wealth of knowledge that comes from writing is equally as valuable as the finished book.

Creating workshops to take into schools is a relatively simple task. Just target the appropriate age group, plan tasks based around developing character/storyline, etc. and use your book as an example. Then you can market directly to your ideal audience and impart wisdom on the next generation in the process!

3. Fan Photos

Connecting with fans is your number one way of increasing sales. An excellent way to do this is via fan photos. Not only does it allow you to interact with readers, it substantially increases the number of people who see your book. By tagging fans, who will subsequently share with their friends, you can harness the most powerful marketing channel – word of mouth.

Another key point here is to remember to explore as many social media options as possible. Facebook and Twitter are a good start, but Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are also fantastic photo-based platforms that can be a powerful marketing force.

4. Go International

Though authors aren’t as tied to a physical destination as many other artists, there is still a tendency to stay local when it comes to the target market. Even if this is merely restricting your readership by only printing in English, it’s always the case that writers can reach further.

There is a cost to hiring translators but it’s relatively inexpensive given it affords you a whole new potential audience! However, it’s not enough just to change the language and expect it to sell.

One of the best cheat tricks when selling overseas is to render the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Most use this software either for privacy or to watch Netflix overseas. However, it can be just as handy to help you aim your international marketing.

By setting the VPN for the country you’re targeting and entering searches for social media/book blogs, you can learn a lot about your destination. This way, you can find the most successful marketing platforms in that region and target them directly!

5. Virtual Signings

It’s safe to say that the internet has revolutionized books. Now, the classic book signing has been digitalized as well!! Thanks to Margaret Atwood, who found a way to develop a pen that could sign books in one place when she was elsewhere completely.

While not all authors will be able to access this advanced technology, there are plenty of other low-tech options. Most tablets and smartphones have available apps which allow you to create and sign electronic signatures. Then, by using Skype or an alternative, you can distribute these to fans all over the world!

It’s possible to extend this concept even further; you can have an entire virtual book tour and make the thing into a huge event that is bound to attract attention!

Marketing successfully will always be a challenge for self-publishers. However, if you’re willing to put the work in, then the information is out there!

If you’re still sticking to the generic book promotion routes, then give this five creative solutions some consideration and see if they can work for you!

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About the Author: Cassie is veteran writer, blogger and marketing expert. She has helped authors all over the world find success in their self-publishing endeavors and is now finally finishing up her very first full-length novel!




One thought on “5 Creative Ways to Market Your New Book

  • March 5, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    There are meetup groups in the US, Canada and UK for a HUGE number of topics. An author on a particular topic, especially a non-fiction topic, would do well to join a group that focuses on that topic. Further, the author can often (not always) find out the venue and date of a meetup-group meeting in a different city and send a letter with promo slips to the leader of the meetup group via the manager of the venue, with a note to the manager to relay the letter to the group leader. I’ve done this myself (with 8 promo slips per letter), although, admittedly, it was with limited success. But I did have some success. There are quite a few variables in this, however (timely delivery by the post office; the manager being willing or remembering to relay the letter; the acceptance of the letter by the group leader; willingness of group members to pay attention to the promo slips; weather conditions that may cause the meeting to be cancelled; low turnout; etc, etc). Another angle is to offer a free info handout for community college continuing education instructors to hand out to their adult evening students. The handout would include, along with the info, a discrete plug for the author’s book on the subject. The author can easily Google community colleges to find out what their continuing ed courses are, who teaches them, and how long the term goes. Best to make the offer toward the end of the term. Send a sample to the instructor with an offer to request (by text or email) a batch of uncreased handouts. So, there’s a couple of guerilla marketing tactics.

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