70-tips-to-boost-your-blogOur thanks to Federica Auletta of U.K. based Market Inspector for this guest contribution and infographic!

In the last decade, social media has had a significant impact on the internet. However, being innovative and ahead of things in the World Wide Web is not easy, especially among almost a billion blogs.

Gaining authority and increasing traffic to boost your blog is an ongoing battle. Remarkable is that bloggers manage to make a living out of their outstanding blogging. How? There are some key factors that allow pages to rank higher than others in search results.

What is important to focus on in order for your blog to take off? In order to help you answer this question, Market Inspector has provided an entertaining infographic containing 70 effective tips to help you boost your blog, clustered around these six key elements:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization determines the ranking of a website when searching for specific results through a browser. There is no golden rule to follow in order to rank first. You need to focus on things as simple as listing a few keywords, domain authority, spam score, link value and meta descriptions, as they all strongly affect the performance of your blog.

2. Attitude

Besides receiving trustworthy information, readers expect consistency from bloggers. If they start following a blog regularly, it’s important that the updates remain consistent in order to satisfy the readers, and therefore the demand. This is why commitment, perseverance and expertise are key factors to running a blog.

3. Content

Content is crucial factor in ranking of your website, as it is not solely valuable to browsers. Providing high-quality, innovative and engaging content is the first step to differentiating yourself from your competitors, and will help you attract more traffic. Furthermore, according to SEO criteria, having a balanced keyword density is a decisive element regarding the exposure of your website.

4. Layout

The best way to make your blog look appealing is to keep the layout clear, simple and professional. There is evidence that condensed texts are not as effective as texts that are properly formatted. Using subheadings, images, caps, spacings, bold text, numbers and creating lists guides the readers through your text while making it easier and more enjoyable for them.

5. Target

Identifying a specific topic to write about as well as an audience to target is an ongoing process. This leads to the creation of original content, strictly generated and tailored to the audience’s demand. Being aware of your readers’ interests in order to provide them with the information they are looking for will bring you closer to your target.

6. Network

Last but not least, promoting your blog is the final important phase of your launching process. This is where people will come in contact with your page for the first time, and you should never neglect the importance of first impressions! In order to avoid failing to meet your readers’ expectations,make sure your blog contains several worthwhile blog posts, and links to all your social media platforms.

Now that you’re all set to start, boost your blog effectively and enjoy the results!


Federica Auletta has a degree in Foreign Languages and Communication for Business and Tourism. She is Communications Assistant at Market Inspector, a B2B digital marketplace for businesses and institutions in Europe. As an online marketing company, Market Inspector provides a unique service, by giving the opportunity to compare quotes and offers from different suppliers. Federica has worked in Italy, France, UK and Denmark in marketing-related companies and multicultural environments. Email her at fa@market-inspector.co.uk or connect at Twitter, @mrktinspctruk