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Blogging is always changing, just like any other thing that becomes the norm in society. One new aspect of blogging is collaborative blogging. Co-blogs include content that is published by more than one author. Co-blogs are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, some of which include less responsibility, more depth to the posts and an increased chance for success.

Co-blogging isn’t for everyone, but if it is something you’re interested in because the above reasons appeal to you, it is important to pick the right co-blogger. Not just anyone can be a contributor for your blog. Check out this list of nine qualities that you should look for to find the perfect partner in crime:

 1. They’re Reliable

You have to be able to rely on the co-blogger. If you have any doubts that they won’t post when they’re scheduled to write – no matter if it’s because they’re lazy, they forgot or they have too much going on – don’t choose this person. You can’t do what you need to do if you’re always catching up on someone’s slack.

 2. They’re Reachable

Even if it’s a close friend or someone who lives near you, you need to have multiple ways to contact this person. This ensures that if you can’t reach them one way, you can still reach them another. Ask for their phone numbers (home and cell), email address and social media usernames and make sure you contact them in various ways before hiring to ensure that they’re reachable.

 3. They’re Respectful to the Purpose of Your Blog

Just like any job, you should conduct interviews to find the perfect partner for your blog. Within the interview, have the candidate write a small article that is relevant to the overall topic of your blog. That way you can see if they share the same viewpoints and write in a positive tone that will appeal to your readers.

 4. They’re Eager to Promote the Blog

Marketing is everything when it comes to getting your content out there for everyone to read. The great thing about having two authors is having more exposure through different social groups. If the candidate is intrigued by the idea of promoting content on his or her social media sites and to friends and family by word-of-mouth, he or she is an ideal candidate. The more exposure you have, the more popular your blog will become.

 5. They’re Literate

Nothing looks worse than having a public blog that anyone can reach that is filled with incorrect grammar, run-on sentences and misuse of words. Look for someone who is a strong writer. Ask them for a sample of previous work, especially work that has been published, so you can inspect for any errors in their writing.

 6. They’re Not Easily Offended

One of the hardest things for writers to do is take criticism. However, when you post your thoughts and ideas on the Internet, you have to realize that people are going to make comments on your post with disagreeing opinions. You have to make sure that your co-blogger can take the heat. Make sure they won’t get discouraged if someone disagrees with their posts. If they do get offended, it’ll be harder for them to continue to write because they’ll feel that someone will always have negative comments.

 7. They’re Good Communicators

A good quality for anyone to have is being a good communicator. Having good communication skills will lead to success. If you and your co-blogger communicate really well together, it’ll show you that you make a good team. Find candidates who have this skill so you know there won’t be any miscommunication in the details.

 8. They Have a Good Work Ethic

Having a good work ethic is essential to having a successful blog. When you’re looking for someone else to help you run the blog, they need to have a good work ethic in order to have a positive effect on your blog. Since it’s online and you won’t be giving them daily reminders in an office to write their piece, they must be disciplined enough to remind themselves to write it. This will assure that each blogger is responsible and able to work independently to meet deadlines.

9. They’re Creative

Creativity is a must have when it comes to blogging. Your blog will have a broad topic in which you can come up with a variety of different posts to write about. The co-blogger needs to be creative enough to come up with something that you haven’t already written.

A Step Toward Successful Blogging

Creating a blog is a great way to build the writing experience you need to land your dream job. Running a collaborative blog can help reduce stress, be fun and lead to success. However, you have to find the perfect partner in order for all of this to occur. Consider all of the qualities above and try to think of some of your own that you would like your partner to have. Then you’ll be on your way to success.

briana_north_headshotBriana North is an experienced blogger/recent college graduate that enjoys sharing her opinions and knowledge of writing, feminism, young adult novels, and more. Feel free to connect with her via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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