book-club-surveyBook clubs can be a defining moment in any author’s career. We’re not just talking Oprah here (though that’s a stellar example). Fact is, the success of a book can be super-charged if book clubs get hold of it and begin spreading the news. That’s why we call them “influencers” and that’s why we work so hard to find and vet them for you.

This article from the Independent Book Publishers Association Book Clubs: The Benefits shows how beneficial book clubs can be, or you may want to read how book clubs’ word-of-mouth put Water for Elephants on top (yes, even above the Oprah selections of the day!) in the NYT: Big Time for a Novel…

Goodreads, with over 20 million members, can boast the biggest gathered group of readers and the most online book clubs. But online book clubs are only part of the story… Virtual (a la Skype or video chat room hangouts) and the live, sitting around in the living room, sipping tea or wine variety of book clubs are alive and well and influential; they can be an author’s best friend. So, how do we get to them?

Well, besides the WWW team reaching out daily to blogs, Twitter accounts, indie book stores, readers at book festivals and more, once every couple of months we circle back to the coolest source – YOU – to find out about the book clubs in your area. Because the club you know about might also be of value to one of our other emerging authors – and their club may be of value to you!

So here comes that dreaded word: Survey. It’s only seven BRIEF questions – and you’re under NO obligation to answer… But when you do, we’ll be glad we asked and enormously grateful for your input. You can enter your answers below, or make a comment below with the book club manager you want us to reach out to, or jot us an email at

With your help, our vetted list of LIVE book clubs, now already over 200 clubs and thousands of readers strong, will reach new heights, and offer authors the chance to communicate directly with clubs from coast to coast. And, book clubs will have the opportunity to read new work in the genres of their choice, and maybe even influence who the next best-seller will be… It may be you!

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