writers-go-globalOur thanks to freelance writer Brooke Chaplan for this submission. Whether you’re a debut author or a full-time author brand, you need to take advantage of today’s global markets!

According to a recent Gallup poll, fully engaged customers (yes, your readers) bring in between 30 to 40 percent more revenue. An essential part of customer engagement is staying connected with busy or elusive customers through new technology solutions.

Embrace Mobile Technology
Experts estimate that the majority of online consumers use mobile devices to access the internet, shop, and engage with companies. As the mobile revolution continues, every author needs to have a strategic technology plan.

Offer a mobile-friendly layout on your author website. Because most consumers use their mobile devices to access the internet, they will abandon any website that is not mobile user-friendly.

Author Social Media
Studies show that the majority of successful companies maintain active Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Interestingly enough, the industries most likely to be active on social media are banks, retailers, food sellers, and vehicle companies. Successful corporations recognize that consumers who follow their company are more likely to recommend the brand, product, or service.

The same needs to happen with authors, and add Goodreads to the mix! Social media platforms are accessible and convenient for readers to engage with, and it is also easy for you to post messages and connect out to hard-to-reach readers. Thanks to social media and ebooks, that don’t have to be shipped overseas, authors can literally publish from anywhere and potentially gain a global audience.

Live Chat
Today’s consumers now feel that using a phone is inconvenient and time-consuming. Instead, they want immediate results. Live chat software, along with business instant messaging options, allows busy consumers to connect according to their own schedule.

For authors, being able to Skype into a book club or join a Google hangout means less travel for you, and more engagement with your readers, especially with book clubs, no matter where they are located!

Go ahead authors, go global!