bookarmaHow’s your book karma? An interesting new platform we had the chance to view at this weekend’s BookExpo America was Bookarma. The new social sharing site for authors works easily, and lets authors load their own book info, then gain points for sharing other books on the site with their own social networks. The more you share, the more often your book is seen and can be shared.

Bookarma is offering a month free on their site, using code BEAkarma. (It’s free to sign up; book campaigns are $15 a month, so the code is worth a $15 trial).

How it Works

  • Bookarma is a highly social, pay-it-forward platform to engage and inform. When you sign up for an account,  people get more information about you as an author.
  • Add your book. Add all of your books. It’s free to add as many as you like.
  • Create a campaign for your book(s). This is how other authors discover your work and share it through their social media accounts. You can view your campaign metrics and see your book’s performance on the campaign page; you only pay for the books you campaign.
  • Check out other books on Bookarma. When you see something you dig in your queue, promote it and share it with a single click.
  • Each time you share someone else’s book, you earn karma. The more you share, the more your book appears within Bookarma’s community.

You also have the opportunity to weigh in on other author’s book descriptions, covers and more. You can view the demo below for more info. Once you give it a (free!) try, let us know what you think!