5-infographic-templates-in-pptYou’ve seen them on our site and around the web, right? Infographics are fun compilations –tidbits of juicy info– typically presented in the form of a long, vertical png or jpg — easily shared across the web (and of course offering links back to the author’s own website).

Since so much of what people like about content today is visual (take a look at the popularity of Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and novels are not so visual, having some fun, visual content on your website is a great plus. It’s also a great occasional blog substitute, when you’re just not feeling “wordy.”

Problem is, creating an infographic can take lots of time and effort, especially if graphics aren’t in your wheelhouse.

So we’re loving this post from HubSpot: How to Create an Infographic in an Hour or Less. The informative post includes a link to download five FREE infographic templates for Powerpoint.

Make sure you read the entire excellent post by Pamela Vaughan before you get started. You’ll learn more about how to develop and curate content, and how to elegantly cite sources you use for your infographic facts.

Give it a try and have FUN. And when you complete one, share it with us so we can share it, too!

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