Here’s an innovative way some key publishers, authors and experts have collaborated to create a program for aspiring and emerging authors. WWW’s Shari Stauch said, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this group of amazing talents pooling their resources to create something truly unique and useful to emerging authors – the Profitable Authors Institute!

The Profitable Authors Institute features twelve authors and editors, publishers and marketers who have launched hundreds of books that have sold millions of copies worldwide. Quite frankly, this group knows what they’re doing.

Through the efforts of author Carmen Berry, they came together to help authors quickly get a manuscript finished and polished, published and promoted so that you can not only be a published but also a profitable author. This program is a no-nonsense approach to book writing–novels, memoirs and self-help books–packed with practical, high quality and affordable instruction that will equip you to reach your goals. If you are serious about becoming a published author who can make an impact and an income, this is the program for you.

The Profitable Authors Institute that will be rolling out four courses every two months: The Writing Track, four courses of four classes each, will be available on January 23rd. The four courses of four classes each in the Publishing Track begin on March 20th. The Promotion Track, the final four courses of four classes each launch on May 22.

If you pre-purchase a course or package soon, you will get an astounding 50% discount off of the regular tuition, whether picking and choosing the courses you need or getting the package discount to grab them all. It’s a great way to take advantage of this one-time opportunity as the group opens its doors for the first time. Each of the twelve participating experts shown above are conducting four classes videotaped classes, for a total of 48 classes, plus goodies and giveaways to participants!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the courses and to sign up for 50% off ’til midnight, January 22nd! From January 23-31 there’ll be a 30% discount before programs revert to their full price. The earlier you jump in, the more you’ll save…

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4 thoughts on “Innovative Help for Authors: Profitable Author Institute

  • January 28, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Shari, I have three books out now and six more “in the works.” I’ve paid to publish, and I’ve paid for publicity and marketing. I’ve received good reviews for the books already published, and I’m on a lot of social media sites (Webpage, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+). Like the author above (SN), I’ve only received only a modest amount of “traction,” perhaps because I do mostly nonfiction, and my topics may not be trendy. I’ve tried off-and-on to do a MailChimp tutorial, but so far I’ve gotten bogged down.
    To be honest, I’d far rather write than sell. Should I be doing these courses you offer, or do I already know most of what they would teach me? Would this be just one more thing I pay for that doesn’t pay off?

    • January 29, 2017 at 12:44 am

      Hi JoAnne! I’m familiar with some of your work and I think you’d benefit from some of the later courses, but you’re already far beyond the early ones!

  • January 20, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    I have three romance novels published by three different traditional publishers, but they are smaller publishers (The Wild Rose Press), so they don’t promote the books, leaving that to the writer. I didn’t realize that I would be responsible for the promotion, so I tried a few ideas from other authors, but I have a full time job, and three children, so it’s very hard to find time to write, let alone promote. As a reader, I find author blogs boring and pretentious, so I don’t want to post what vacation I took, what I had for breakfast, where I get my ideas, etc. I’ve spoken at writers’ conventions for two years, but everyone there is flogging her own books, not interested in buying someone else’s. My reviews have been superlative, and the covers are eye catching, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve given writing workshops at various libraries, but they are attended by people who want to write, not buy. I’ve had excellent reviews (with photo) in local newspapers. I’ve given out free copies and gotten emails from enthusiastic readers asking when I’m writing another book. My Facebook friends are all in the entertainment business (actors, dancers, musicians, writers, singers, comedians, directors) so we talk as friends, instead of “I’m doing a play, I’m doing a movie, I wrote a song, I’m at the Comedy Store, etc.” We’re not fans, we’re friends, so we talk about our lives, not our jobs. I don’t know how to create a fan Facebook, and I don’t know how to find fans. I keep asking over and over again for help, and so far no one has responded, e.g. what is an author platform? I’ve always considered a platform tall wooden thing you stand on when you want to address a large crowd. I understand that it’s a metaphor in the publishing world, but I don’t know what it actually means or how it functions. As you can see, I’m not fully vested in the computer world; I don’t understand hashtags, etc.

    • January 20, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      Your platform is everything you ARE and everything you DO to promote your book(s) to the audience that’ll want to read them. It functions to the extent that you continue to build it up w/ new reader connections. All I can tell you is continue making connections w/ the romance community, especially readers who follow other popular romance authors. Search “platform” on this site, as well as any other topic and you’ll find tons of free articles, Sharon, including on creating a fan page and hashtags — it’s all here for the taking. 🙂

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