No, no campy April Fool’s jokes today (though the temptation was great). Instead, our monthly update on happenings in our favorite circle, the go to site go here source url how do i fix my aol email on my iphone viagra penis research topic generator viagra getpharma the real pharmacy go site home work help online make money writing articles msnbc ohio viagra see essay on novels follow url how can you develop leadership skills in individuals especially pupils dissertation on the first principles of government essay on beauty generic viagra india safe heading for college papers go to link creative writing assignments for 6th graders essay ut austin source university research paper sample case study Winner Circle! Read to the end for a special “Spoiler Alert.”

Delaney Crop PhotoWelcome Delaney

First off, we’d like to welcome our newest addition to the Where Writers Win team. Delaney Cruickshank is a student at the beautiful and historic College of Charleston and from the day she joined us she’s been on FIRE adding new festivals, conferences and contests to our interactive calendar of events where authors can be seen and heard and make new connections.

Remember, as a member of the Winner Circle, you can view the calendar by events, search dates, even set up to have new events download right to your own Outlook or Mac calendars. Between the work Delaney and Matthew Dix are doing, there are now several hundred events to choose from, and we add new ones every week as our team discovers and vets them for you.

More-Book-ClubsBook Clubs Galore

Our interactive map of LIVE book clubs continues to grow too, thanks to the diligence of team leader Jacqueline Gum and the willingness of so many authors to share book clubs of their own with our team. Keep in mind, we only allow book clubs that are willing to read the work of new authors.

Since our last update to you, we’ve added clubs in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Washington, D.C. We’re up to over 220 clubs in all, with several more in the wings, PLUS new and cool online clubs you’ll want to know about.

IF YOU KNOW OF A CLUB in your area, or one you’ve spoken to, please share their info HERE. We’ll add them after we’ve contacted the book club to confirm they want to be listed, the genres they read, etc.

Book Review Genre SampleFive Star Reviews for Our New Reviewers!

Thanks for the kind comments we’ve received from you about our improved access to book reviewers. The new system has definitely let us be more responsive to adding the best new reviewers and deleting those that have stopped reviewing books.

In some cases, you’ll find (especially at this time of the year) a lot of reviewers temporarily putting things on “hold” while they catch up on their reading. Don’t give up – just keep going after a reviewer or two in your genre each week, and you’ll keep gaining momentum!

Spoiler Alert – Better Access to Traditional Media

We have lots of fun announcements to come in the next month, especially as PubSmart draws near (we’re amazed by the discounts and gifts so many of the sponsors are offering, and we’ll give you a sneak peek of some cool handouts, too). But on May 1, to coincide with the second anniversary of Where Writers Win and the first anniversary of our Winner Circle, we’ll be adding a new section – a way to access customized media lists and press releases!

That’s all I can say right now, but I can tell you I’m over-the-moon excited to be able to bring this to emerging authors. It’s yet another way we’re “shrinking the web” and putting the RIGHT resources at your fingertips, so you can spend more time WRITING and SELLING your books!

Stay tuned… and thanks, as always, for hanging out with us. Questions? Comments? We want to hear from you… please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below or drop me a line at

Write on,

Shari Stauch