GenZCartoonNo doubt the best recent article we’ve seen on this whole “Generation Z” stuff you’ve been hearing about. Read the full (and awesome) article at Vocus. Here are some bits you’ll most appreciate as authors about reaching Generation Z readers. Keep reading for a link to cool tips on reaching Baby Boomers, too:

“Ah, remember the good old days when the fax machine was the lifeline of businesses, people had to physically go to the library to find information and the news came on after dinner? Generation Z has no such memories.

“This is the first generation of true digital natives. Born in the mid 1990s to 2010, Gen Z has had technology as part of their lives from day one and they put virtually all their trust in it. For this generation, Google is the holy grail of information and they expect to find what they’re looking for instantly. They’re constantly “tuned in,” watching television, tweeting and Googling information at the same time.

“Born during the recession, this generation is growing up to value saving. As this generation comes of age and their spending power matures, it is essential to know how to reach this diverse, technologically-savvy demographic.”

KidoncellphoneHere’s the least you should know about that new crop of readers around the corner:

1.     Make your information easy to find

If it’s not on the Internet, it doesn’t exist… Half of Gen Z surveyed in a Forrester study either completely or somewhat trust information they’ve found through a search engine on the Internet. 

2. Go beyond Facebook

With their parents falling in love with Facebook, many members of Gen Z have dropped the social network like a bad habit and have flocked to networks their parents don’t know about like Snapchat and Vine. Additionally, these digital natives are everywhere and love multitasking. A multi-tiered approach is essential for marketers that want to ensure they reach this always-on-the-go generation.

3. Prove your value

Similarly to their older counterparts Gen Y, members of Gen Z aren’t brand loyal. What’s more, after witnessing the recession hurt their parents and older siblings, they have a money saving mentality. Fifty-seven percent of Gen Z reports they would rather save money than spend it…

And for you authors currently trying to reach that elusive “Baby Boomer” you’ll also this article from Vocus.

So, what age readers are you trying to reach, and what are your greatest challenges to finding them?

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