author-work-blossomingAh, woke up this morning to the first wild blooms of the spring, on the first day of spring! Then, I realized it was the day before PubSense Summit, which to us here is a whole lot like Christmas Eve… Can’t wait to unwrap all the knowledge!

So, now that spring has sprung, it’s time to set some fresh goals to get your book blossoming.

  • Are you near completing your manuscript? Set a daily word or page count and let’s get this book beach-ready!
  • Are you shopping your book? Agents and editors come back from spring break ready and revived.
  • Is your book out and available? Tie-in some spring promotions, or look towards any spring book festivals coming up near you!

We hope you all enjoy the renewed enthusiasm that spring allows us to enjoy… Write on, and tell us how YOU’RE springing forward!