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LinkedIn is a social media marketing tool too often overlooked by authors as “that’s for business” or “it’s just about finding a job.” Nothing could be further from the truth. LinkedIn packs a serious marketing punch, primarily through its groups, which are nothing less than social networking on steroids.

As a member of LinkedIn, there are plenty of public and private groups to join (and you can join up to fifty!). The groups are as varied as titles in a bookstore. We’ve yet to not be able to find a client at least a few groups matching the subject matter of their work. Groups let you:

  • Reach a targeted market of individuals with similar interests
  • Answer questions from members that you know the answers to
  • Get your own questions answered
  • Promote yourself, your work and your website (where permitted – please follow the rules of each group!)
  • Network with other authors and/or organizations who may wish to spread the news of your book to a greater audience

Here are just a few examples of group search results that matter with Linked In for authors, using three separate keyword search terms for “books,” “romance,” and “farmer.” Click on each image to enlarge; you’ll see info about each group in the list, including the size of the group.

Search Results RomanceSearch Results FarmerSearch Results Books

Writing Groups Matter, Too!

Don’t overlook groups for writers and authors. These folks have great insights on everything from tips on the craft to promoting in your specific genre, and everything in between. (Hint: We have a huge list of LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ groups for writers in our Winner Circle!) The following are just TEN of the dozens of groups devoted to writers and authors that are worth checking out at LinkedIn:

  • ((($@$))) FEEL FREE TO BE – Promote your work, books, or any of your current projects here in this group. They are open minded as they listen to your ideas and, if they like them, they will do their best in helping to promote them to other members and friends.  The only rule is that you should be considerate and respectful to others. over 1,790 members
  • Affiliated Authors – Nearly 4,000 in this group for published authors, both traditional and self-published who are interested in learning from others as well as helping others break into the world of being an author. No barriers between those that HAVE PUBLISHED and those that WANT TO PUBLISH.
  • Authors/Writers Helping Authors/Writers – If you ever need a place to promote your book, web site, blog, twitter once a month, this is the place to be. Over 1,900 members
  • Authors, Writers, Publishers, Editors, & Writing Professionals – This is a writing group dedicated to the discussion of the craft. It is not a general discussion forum for anything other than the writing profession. No promotion, including links to your writing on Discussions tab. Over 18,700 members.
  • Book Marketing – Purpose is marketing books. Make sure your headings and discussions make it clear you’re speaking about … marketing books. Do not overtly promote yourself. While adding a link in your discussion to your website or blog post will be permitted, creating posts that simply market yourself or your services will not be allowed. This includes marketing your own books and programs or sending private solicitation messages to group members. Over 6,800 members
  • Book Publicity and Marketing – This group is for everyone interested in the marketing and/or PR related to books. Those in the biz and those writing and publishing books are welcome. Over 2,200 members
  • Books and Writers –  Share all things books and writers. No posted rules! Over 38,450 members
  • Fiction Writers Guild – Self-promotion allowed in a thread that you start/own  – over 15,190 members
  • Informed Ideas for Writers – Writers of all kinds are welcome to join the conversation about the present and future of writing. Over 8,400 members
  • LinkEds & Writers – This group is intended for authors, editors, writers, etc. Its goal is to be the preferred place on LinkedIn for wordsmiths to share their advice, joys and frustrations. Over 50,950 members

Have a group you love, or a unique way to interact with LinkedIn groups? Share with your comment below!

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