icons_WC_joinThe WWW team has been busy these last months, updating, adding new info for you, as well as developing great new partners to add even more value to our Winner Circle membership. We’re excited about the new and improved author tools and if you’re not a member yet, we invite you to come join us in the Winner Circle!

By the Numbers

Our interactive map of LIVE Book Clubs is up to over 275 and counting! The team’s newest project is making contact with book stores, one by one, state by state, to identify book clubs meeting at –or affiliated with– an independent book store. In the past thirty days we’ve added new live clubs in Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

As always, if you are part of –or know of– a book club in your area, tell us about it HERE!

We’re also updating our book stores map; you’ll see the updated dates as we move through each state.

Meanwhile, our calendar of book festivals, conferences and writing competitions is busting at the seams with hundreds of speaking and competition opportunities for authors, many coming up this fall, so get to work and get a jump on your fall book promotion!

In our databases of vetted book reviewers, we’ve added several reviewers, and have improved functionality. Besides being able to sort by rating, name, etc., we’ve added a “date” field to reflect when the listing was added or modified to the list. This will let regular users quickly view the newest additions in their preferred genres.


New Deals!

NetGalley-WC-DealWe’re very pleased to announce that NetGalley is partnering with Where Writers Win to offer a specially-priced title listing to Winner Circle members, good until December 31, 2014.

300 publishers, indie authors and small publishers are using NetGalley to expand and enhance their marketing and publicity activities. As a Winner Circle member you can receive $50 off a six-month title listing, allowing you to invite your own contacts to view secure digital files and find new audiences among the 200,000 professional readers using NetGalley to discover and talk about new books.

We’re also happy to announce that Chanticleer Book Reviews has extended its deals to Winner Circle members until December 31, 2014: $10 off Chanticleer’s Entry Fee of $45 for Novel Writing Competitions. And if you’re in need of a professional review, enjoy $40 off a Chanticleer Book Review package.

Visit the Deals & Steals portal in your Winner Circle menu to access the special codes and forms for these and other great members-only deals available!

Tell us which author tools are most helpful to your book promotion. Have an idea to improve our Winner Circle? Share your comments below or email us at info@writerswin.com.