Writing For Fashion Tips for Developing a Writing StyleOur thanks to writer Brooke Chaplan for this guest post!

Getting your writing used by businesses and other blogs is a great way to get your name out there and often even earn money doing something you love. Sometimes the hardest thing about writing for blogs is getting to know the complexity of the business, which makes it challenging to develop your own consistent style.

To succeed as a writer in the business world takes a refined approach, combined with sheer originality. By following the advice below, any writer can lucratively penetrate the sphere of mainstream business.

Use a Knowledgeable Tone

Cutting-edge awareness is a necessity, you won’t be picked by businesses if you can’t write knowledgeably on their subject. Research the company and subject topic. You may want to use some slang words to keep your writing interesting and relatable, so don’t be afraid to try that when appropriate. A writer’s vocabulary must reflect experience and enthusiasm for the subject.

Be Personable

Avoid any vernacular that is glaringly banal, and emphasize boisterous enthusiasm with every sentence. Content should be brimming with insightful details. Eschew grammatical precision, and leave nitpicking revisions to the editors. The writer’s goal is to forge a personal connection with the reader in order to pique their interest. Informal language is often the best bet for accomplishing this task.

Be Superior

People only want advice from the masters; however, demonstrations of superiority do not have to entail condescension in any form. Think in terms of being a “credible expert.” Use a tone that will work for you as well as the business hiring you. Experiment with verbosity, and have fun!

Cater to Defined Demographics

Refine personalized niches, and stick to them. In other words, if your writing caters to baby boomers, look for blog sites where they’ll be congregating, i.e. retirement options, travel sites. Appealing to emerging and young adults may take you more often to fashion sites.

Craft your language to appeal to specific target audiences as language varies depending on context. Research the company’s audience to know how you may need to modify your style (i.e., see what comments readers are making on other blog posts at that site). Keep information you provide relevant to the market for which you’re writing. Make sure the info is fresh; you don’t want to be embarrassed by outdated facts.

Emphasize Marketing

Promotional dialect should be employed at every instance. A product can always be sold while conveying relevant facts. For example, if a product like http://www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Jack-&-Jones-Designer-Clothing.html were your focus, make sure you pick out the features that are going to draw interest about a brand name clothing line. Picking quality items is a surefire method to facilitate a recurring readership. Writers must provide a compelling reason for their readers to click on any links that are included.

Perhaps your main character only wears a certain brand of shoe – you can mention that shoe while chatting up your book, and offer links to both!

People will respond positively to accurate business recommendations! Content producers should always make sure that their writing highlights truthful benefits and useful information.

brooke chaplanBrooke Chaplan is an avid outdoor enthusiast and writer living in Los Lunas New Mexico. She enjoys running, biking, and exploring her home as well as blogging about various topics like home, fitness, and fashion. Contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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