pubslush_logoOn February 13 our team wrote a post about Pubslush, a site dedicated to crowdfunding exclusively for authors. We have a very important update to this as Where Writers Win now has our own Pubslush TEAM, so we can put the full weight of our network behind any WWW author out there trying to raise funds for their book project!

team_imageHere’s How It Works:

  1. Sign up (for free of course, and you can log in with your Facebook account) at Invite your friends, family and fans to check it out, too – the more fans, the more potential success of all the group!
  2. See other successful book campaigns for how they assembled their summaries and pitches.
  3. When you’re ready to build your own book campaign, you can visit direct at where you’ll provide a summary and sample of your work.
  4. Readers can then financially support their favorite submissions, in exchange for a reward (like a first edition, signed copy, digital preview, etc.).
  5. Authors raise money to publish successfully via any publishing route they prefer. Typically funds are used for editing, marketing, website development, advertising – whatever you need to help make your book launch a success!
  6. BONUS: If you’re a paid member of WWW’s Winner Circle, we’ll make sure to kick start your campaign with a $5 donation… And we’ll post that you’ve launched a campaign on WWW’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Linked In Groups, Google+, etc., so you’ll reach your audience AND ours… We want you to be successful (and of course we want the WWW Pubslush Team to be the leading team on Pubslush!)

3951575_300Why Crowd Fund?

There are plenty of benefits to crowdsourcing your publishing funds:

  • It allows you to establish an audience in advance of publication (and to know who that audience is), so much of the risk involved with book publishing is eliminated.
  • By providing access to capital and resources to navigate the industry, Pubslush hopes to help eliminate the stigma around self-publishing, allowing authors to raise the funds to address key areas like cover design, editing and marketing.
  • For authors with a cause-related book, it’s a chance to reach out to that community and have them support your publishing effort and cause, too. Example: if your fiction or non-fiction book deals with an issue – say animal rights – you can reach out to those groups and encourage members to support the project, a win-win.

Pubslush also operates an independent imprint that acquires books from the platform. They extend deals to authors who are trending well on the site, and for every book sold, they donate a children’s book to a child in need, promoting literacy, another win. (Authors are under NO obligation to publish with Pubslush).

If you’re doubtful, we can attest that authors have already raised thousands using this platform. And, unlike crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter, this one is dedicated to authors AND doesn’t require 100% of the funding goal set by the author. Meaning, if you set out to raise $10,000 but only raise $5,000, you can still use those funds toward the publishing of your book.

Pubslush Free Resources to Learn More

Winner Circle members can visit our Templates & Tutorials page to download a free guide to crowdfunding from our Pubslush partners!


2 thoughts on “WWW New Pubslush Team: Steps to Crowdfunding Success

  • July 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Thanks for sharing this great article, Shari! If anyone has any questions about Pubslush or crowdfunding, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at I would love to hear from you!

    -Justine Schofield, communications coordinator

    • July 11, 2013 at 4:38 pm

      Thanks, Justine! Here’s to your success and that for authors everywhere!

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