Can Too Many Choices Keep You From Author Greatness?

So Many Choices for Authors 300x235 Can Too Many Choices Keep You From Author Greatness?Our thanks to publicist Lynda Bouchard for this guest post. And… drum roll, please – This marks our 400th post at WWW! To celebrate, anyone signing up for our Winner Circle from now ’til July 31, 2014, can take $20 off with promo code VIPW20. Visit to sign up now!

Brilliant accomplishments are nearly always the result of a consuming passion.

Whether in business, marriage or sports, those with passion have a motivation that is undeniable. Just watch the performance of a passionate golfer, baseball player or musician. Passion is the highest form of human motivation.

So, what, you may ask – does this have to do with writing and marketing? EVERYTHING! It further illustrates my theory that small is the new big. Small is agile and effective. [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: 3 EBooks and Bublish’s New EPub Creator

freebiefriday Freebie Friday: 3 EBooks and Bublishs New EPub CreatorOn this week’s Freebie Friday, three free ebooks guaranteed to refine and refresh your blogging efforts, and an update from Bublish on its new EBook Creator, making it even easier to post your book on Bublish’s free social discoverability platform! Enjoy the weekend…

From PushingSocial

PushingSocial Freebie Friday: 3 EBooks and Bublishs New EPub CreatorSign up for their free newsletter and you can download three free ebooks from guru Stan Smith, including:

  • 50 Blog Design Tweaks
  • How to Sell With Your Blog
  • 7 Secrets the Experts Forgot to Tell You

Just visit and you’ll get a pop-up window that sets you on your way. You can read the books by section right at the site, or download each entire guide.

    Bublish Launches EBook Creator

    Bublish Bubble 300x187 Freebie Friday: 3 EBooks and Bublishs New EPub CreatorBublish has launched a beta version of their ePub Creator Tool. 

    Subscribers to Bublish’s Authorpreneur Dashboard can engage readers in social conversations about the creation process by sending out rough cut book bubbles. This builds an emotional connection between reader and writer right from the start of the book project. Readers can even provide feedback on character development, plot direction, cover design and more.

    “With the shift in today’s publishing marketplace, traditional, hybrid and independent authors alike need an innovative and effective resource to help them market themselves and their work,” said Kathy Meis, Bublish Founder and CEO.

    Subscribers to Bublish’s premium Authorpreneur Dashboard ($19.95 a month) can:

    • Create and manage a library of unique social content (book bubbles)
    • Promote directly from book manuscripts
    • Generate beautiful ePubs
    • Extend author brands with highly shareable Bublish Author Profiles
    • Track social metrics, reader engagement and conversions
    • Start social conversations and learn what resonates with readers
    • and so much more…

    But Bublish has an “always free” option for authors, too, called the Emerging Author Dashboard, to promote your first book FREE! Visit for more info.

    Four Reasons You Must Have Book Cover Blurbs!

    4 reasons to have blurbs on book cover Four Reasons You Must Have Book Cover Blurbs!Our thanks to Sandra Beckwith of Build Book Buzz for this guest post! And our additional thanks to Sandra for offering our tribe a $10 discount on “Blurbs, Endorsements, and Testimonials: How to Get Experts, Celebrities, and Others to Endorse Your Book,” her new multi-media program that teaches you how to get those essential endorsements! Use the exclusive Where Writers Win coupon code, WWW, to get the multi-media program for just $19…

    While skimming discussion topics in an online group for authors last week, one conversation-starting question caught my eye:

    “Should I bother to try to get cover blurbs?” an author wrote. “My publisher wants me to, but is it worth it, really? I mean, doesn’t everybody know that we mostly just ask our friends to write nice things about our books?”

    I cringed.

    Her comment put a nice, bright, smartphone flashlight on a big problem among authors: Because they spend so much time talking to other writers, they forget that readers – the people they write their books for – aren’t privy to this kind of behind the scenes information.

    Truth is, readers only know that the books they like to read usually come with a few glowing cover blurbs – those pre-publication endorsements from people who seem to know what they’re talking about. They aren’t interested in the relationship between the author and the endorser – they’re only interested in whether the endorser knows enough about the topic or genre to be trusted to recommend the book.

    The ensuing discussion also reminded me that many authors don’t understand why they shouldn’t skip this essential pre-publication step in the book-publishing process, or why they need to reach beyond their writer pals for endorsements.

    You’ll make soliciting book cover blurbs an important part of your publishing schedule when you understand these four reasons why you want to solicit testimonials: [Read more...]

    Is Your Book for Sale at Kindle Unlimited?

    Kindle Unlimited 300x92 Is Your Book for Sale at Kindle Unlimited?Yep, it’s here. You can now sign up for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, their new service that grants access to 600,000 e-books and several thousand audiobooks for $9.99 a month.

    Kindle Unlimited will add new challenges to negotiations between Amazon and publishers. Books published by HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster aren’t offered and those from Penguin Random House are notably absent. But what’s in it for indie authors and those published by small presses? And how can YOUR books be there? Like recent articles we’ve done, Getting Your Book on Scribd and How to Get Your Book on Oyster it’s important to know your author options.

    KDP Select Banner. V386215164  300x34 Is Your Book for Sale at Kindle Unlimited?So here’s all you need to know: As an indie author, the only way you can get your ebook into this program is by enrolling in KDP Select. If your books are already enrolled in KDP Select, they are automatically included in Kindle Unlimited. KDP Select is a viable program for many authors. It requires exclusivity on (you’ll get kicked out if your ebook is found on say Barnes & Noble or Kobo sites). For some authors that’s a problem. For others, who are earning 90% or more of their sales on Amazon anyway, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

    But from a customer’s perspective, is Kindle Unlimited a great deal? Price-wise, it’s similar to Oyster ($9.95 a month for access to over 500,000 titles) and Scribd ($8.99 a month for access to 400,000+ titles). The audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited are a plus, if you’re into audiobooks.

    But it’s also twenty bucks more a month than Amazon Prime, and Prime comes with free shipping, their free lending library (a book a month) and lots more perks… Might Amazon be competing with… Amazon?

    So tell us, will your book be available on Kindle Unlimited? Will you subscribe? Let us know with your comment below. We’ll be subscribing (as we must with all these new toys, to see how they work for folks!) — We’ll share more of our thoughts — and yours — in an upcoming post.



    Writer Platform: What About Wattpad?

    wattpad for authors Writer Platform: What About Wattpad?We first wrote about Wattpad in March, 2013, back when they had “only” 13 million readers. We’re happy to report this is one writer platform that’s seriously on the rise. 

    Now with 25 million users and growing, and 40 million free online stories to read, Wattpad has become an even greater force to be reckoned with for both emerging and experienced authors. They also recently acquired Redroom, another favorite former site of ours for writers. (We hope they bring an author profile piece to Wattpad – it was an attractive part of Redroom.)

    One of the greatest benefits of Wattpad is a direct connection between writers and readers. Readers receive notifications whenever a new chapter of a story is posted. Writers can solicit feedback from readers. Many writers share their work serially: posting stories one chapter at a time, so readers keep coming back.

    Published authors use Wattpad to amplify their online presence. They post short stories and drafts, or attract new readers by sharing the first part of a series. Writers who prosper on Wattpad are the ones who embrace direct social connection with their fans.

    So tell us, authors and aspiring authors — are you a part of the Wattpad community? And how are you using Wattpad to expand your reach and readership?


    Author Co-Ops: What Are Your Options?

    Author Co Op Options Author Co Ops: What Are Your Options?One movement in the indie publishing world these days is the author co-op. Yes, indie authors are banding together to publish each other. Author co-ops are groups of authors that volunteer their time and expertise to help other members publish and/or promote their work.

    Author co-ops were praised at the recent PubSmart conference and online cooperative communities for writers are on the rise. But are they viable? Can they work for you? Here is some great recent intel on the author co-op concept and some resources to learn more:

    Can an Author Co-Op Work For You? – Wise Ink

    The indie author community has always provided a strong support network but now it seems that indie authors are banding together to publish each other. Author co-ops are groups of authors that volunteer their time and …

    Read more …

    To Author Co-op or not to Author Co-op – Indies Unlimited

    When choosing an author co-op, be sure to find out what will be required of you. … Sweat equity could also require authors to take on jobs that help with the promotion, expansion, and learning for the authors in the co-op.

    Read more …

    An Author-run Publishing Co-op With a Record of Success - Book View Cafe

    The Book View Cafe is an author-run publisher with some 200 books to its credit and 40+ members, including award winner authors and bestsellers, now producing 10 books a month.

    Read more …

    Why Self-Publishers Should Go it Alone, Together – The Book Designer

    Why Self-Publishers Should Go it Alone, Together by Jordan Rosenfeld describes how writers can make use of writers collectives.

    Read more …

    Indie Visible: Literary Justice for All - IndieVisible

    A powerhouse collective of independent writers who use joint resources and collaborative social media to deliver quality books to the masses without pushing our work through a big house…

    Read more …

    Word Branch Independent Publishing – WordBranch

    Word Branch is an independent publishing company located in the heart of Appalachia. We represent talented new and emerging authors who need a venue to make their voices heard…

    Read more …


    Winner Circle’s Newest Author Tools and Incentives!

    icons WC join Winner Circles Newest Author Tools and Incentives!The WWW team has been busy these last months, updating, adding new info for you, as well as developing great new partners to add even more value to our Winner Circle membership. We’re excited about the new and improved author tools and if you’re not a member yet, we invite you to come join us in the Winner Circle!

    By the Numbers

    Our interactive map of LIVE Book Clubs is up to over 275 and counting! The team’s newest project is making contact with book stores, one by one, state by state, to identify book clubs meeting at –or affiliated with– an independent book store. In the past thirty days we’ve added new live clubs in Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

    As always, if you are part of –or know of– a book club in your area, tell us about it HERE!

    We’re also updating our book stores map; you’ll see the updated dates as we move through each state.

    Meanwhile, our calendar of book festivals, conferences and writing competitions is busting at the seams with hundreds of speaking and competition opportunities for authors, many coming up this fall, so get to work and get a jump on your fall book promotion!

    In our databases of vetted book reviewers, we’ve added several reviewers, and have improved functionality. Besides being able to sort by rating, name, etc., we’ve added a “date” field to reflect when the listing was added or modified to the list. This will let regular users quickly view the newest additions in their preferred genres.

    Winner Circle Reviewer Example Winner Circles Newest Author Tools and Incentives!

    New Deals!

    NetGalley WC Deal Winner Circles Newest Author Tools and Incentives!We’re very pleased to announce that NetGalley is partnering with Where Writers Win to offer a specially-priced title listing to Winner Circle members, good until December 31, 2014.

    300 publishers, indie authors and small publishers are using NetGalley to expand and enhance their marketing and publicity activities. As a Winner Circle member you can receive $50 off a six-month title listing, allowing you to invite your own contacts to view secure digital files and find new audiences among the 200,000 professional readers using NetGalley to discover and talk about new books.

    We’re also happy to announce that Chanticleer Book Reviews has extended its deals to Winner Circle members until December 31, 2014: $10 off Chanticleer’s Entry Fee of $45 for Novel Writing Competitions. And if you’re in need of a professional review, enjoy $40 off a Chanticleer Book Review package.

    Visit the Deals & Steals portal in your Winner Circle menu to access the special codes and forms for these and other great members-only deals available!

    Tell us which author tools are most helpful to your book promotion. Have an idea to improve our Winner Circle? Share your comments below or email us at

    Three Ways to Attract and Engage Your Readers

    Perfect Social Media Posts Three Ways to Attract and Engage Your ReadersWant to more easily attract and engage your readers? In this blogging/social media universe, few hard and fast rules apply. The landscape changes daily, and so must we authors who are blogging, tweeting and otherwise pushing out content to the social universe.

    But these three bits of advice will never go out of style. If you’re not practicing them yet, time to start. If you already do and want to share your own experience with fellow authors, we encourage you to join the conversation with your response below! [Read more...]

    Freebie Friday: 2014 Smashwords Survey Reveals New Opportunities for Indie Authors!

    Smashwords survey results Freebie Friday: 2014 Smashwords Survey Reveals New Opportunities for Indie Authors! Below you’ll find a fabulous 132 page slideshow of the 2014 Smashwords Survey, their third annual survey that reveals new opportunities for indie ebook authors to sell more books.

    As in prior surveys (view the 2013 Smashwords Survey and 2012 Smashwords Survey), Smashwords examined aggregated retail and library sales data of Smashwords books and then crunched the numbers based on various quantifiable characteristics of the book.

    For this year’s survey, over $25 million in customer purchases  aggregated across Smashwords retailers including Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, the store, Sony (now closed), Diesel (closed), Oyster, Scribd, Kobo, public libraries and others were examined. [Read more...]

    Three Questions to Prepare Your Perfect Author Message

    Setting your author lense Three Questions to Prepare Your Perfect Author MessageThanks to WWW team member, media trainer Bren McClain for this post. Bren works with authors by preparing them for public speaking at conferences, book events, and media appearances, allowing each to prepare their perfect author message!

    Every summer about this time, I head to Kentucky to do some of my favorite work, teaching incoming school superintendents how to become Communications Leaders. I define such a person as someone who knows who his/her audience is – and has a definite message to convey.

    That got me to thinking about writers. How this relates to us. [Read more...]