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Content Marketing is one of the numerous facets of marketing that authors in the 21st century must pay attention to. Content marketing entails creating and sharing publishing and media content with the sole aim of acquiring readers.

Content marketing is not targeted at selling your book, but rather exposing your books/writing/you to new and prospective readers while providing all the necessary information about it. However, it is very easy to get the content marketing strategy wrong. Here are three of the most common mistakes that most brands and authors make in the creation and execution of their content marketing strategies.

1. Not Setting Clear Goals

A content marketing strategy is only as good as the goals for which the strategy is intended for. According to marketing experts at, in order for the content marketing strategy to achieve the intended success, then it is important that the marketing strategy manager sets up goals that are in line with the brand’s business strategy, mission and vision. This is vital for the content to achieve the preferred effect on the product’s perception in the market.

So, to generate an effective content marketing strategy, it is important that you define the goals envisioned for the strategy. The following may be one of the desired content marketing goals:

  • Generation of referrals
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Attracting new business
  • Generation of new leads
  • Increasing awareness

In order for the goals to be effective, they have to be broken down into sub goals. These have to be supplemented with timelines that will set the stage for the brand’s content marketing efforts.

2. Creating Content Silos

Marketing strategy lacks cohesion when the content is managed by many people who do not work together on the publishing and editorial calendar. If you have interns, helpers, family members, friends – make sure you as the author are directing the message.

3. Disregarding Customer Feedback or Opinions

All marketing strategies are created with the aim of getting the reader’s attention. In a bid to either increase website traffic, attract new business, generate new lead and referrals or increase brand awareness, it is essential that the content marketing strategy be founded on what the reader wants or needs. Pay attention to:

  • Response to reader comments and questions
  • Use of social networks to post more than just your book’s content
  • Response to relevant content on social networks and blogs
  • Ask prospective readers questions and request for their opinions

Jeff Peters works part-time at helping students format and structure their essays and research papers. He has written a post on how to write a theme based essay and is currently working on a series of “How-To Writing Tips” that every student could make use of.


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