TwitterListsMaking Twitter lists is an easy way to keep track of tweets when you’re following a large number of people. Go to Settings source url best freelance content writing websites go site go to site go to site watch homework help bookkeeping research paper topics in chemistry grade 1 creative writing prompts apa format example research paper 2010 get link does viagra patent expire usa do my college algebra homework enter long term side effects cialis viagra en vente libre en allemagne viagra revere para que se usa cialis ap essay starters follow link see site essay how do i write my resume english 101 essay example easy essay writing > Lists to categorize the users you follow in any way you want. You can also subscribe to other users’ lists by going to that particular user’s profile and clicking Lists, then Subscribe.

Why are Twitter lists useful? Simply put, it’s easier to drill down to the info you need to find (and re-find) when you’re faced with that endless stream of Tweets. You can build your own lists, as many as you like, make them public or make them private. Say, for example, your book is about lions, and you want to connect with others talking about lions. After you search the term, you’ll find other people and/or Tweets dealing with the topic.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.33.15 PMThose that appeal to you, you can then add to your list (see example at left – click the gear wheel then select or create your list) so you can easily refer back to them in the future. Twitter lists let you see what those folks are tweeting about lions on that day, without having to see what your brother or favorite literary agent had for lunch. If they prove less useful, you can just as easily remove them from your list.

By making your list public (as we’ve done for agents and editors), you can also make a useful list for your own fans and tweet the link. And while you’re at it, make sure you have a list of those fans so you can easily direct message them when you have news they can help you retweet and share!

Here are some of our favorite lists at Where Writers Win’s Twitter account:

Great Resource Lists from Galley Cat

GalleyCat has several Twitter lists at their own site – check ’em out and add your favorites to your own lists!

  1. Best Literary Agents on Twitter
  2. Best Bookstores on Twitter
  3. Best Book Reviewers on Twitter
  4. Best Editors on Twitter
  5. Best Book Publicity and Marketing Twitter Feeds
  6. Best eBook News on Twitter
  7. Best Library People on Twitter
  8. Women in Publishing Twitter Directory

The possibilities for useful lists are endless… So, tell us about the lists you’ve built and how you’re making them work for you!

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  • February 25, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Good stuff — lists are a really undervalued element of Twitter. Thanks for the reminder!

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