Twitter-hashtags-WhereWritersWinIt’s a question we often get from authors: What’s a “hashtag” and how do I use them? First, take the time to read Twitter’s own explanation.

Hashtags can be useful both to find content on Twitter, but also to categorize your own content, making it more discoverable for your readers. Below we’ve curated the best, most recent articles to quickly get you up to speed on using hashtags as an aspiring or emerging author.

Caution, once you get started (like potato chips) it can be hard to stop. We suggest limiting your Twitter time so your other social media (and your writing) doesn’t get pushed to a dark, dusty corner of your shelf. But used strategically, a few minutes spent on Twitter each day can broaden your horizons AND your audience… So have fun!

How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media


Since the first person used a hashtag in August 2007, they have become one of the most commonly used symbols on Twitter. People use them to organize conversations, tweet at events and engage in conversations online.

Use of Twitter #Hashtags for Authors | No Wasted Ink


Twitter Hashtag When I first began building my author platform, I knew that one of the major social networks that I would need to use is Twitter. At first, I found this social media giant to be bewildering. It is a complex network of

How to Use Twitter Hashtags: A Simple Guide


Making use of the Hashtag for Twitter. You probably already have a twitter account up and running… If not, you may want to consider one now. Twitter is a great platform for sharing links to your site and it’s also

And for more fun, from Author Media:

44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know | Author 1/24/12

Here’s our list of essential Twitter Hashtags. You should use them and monitor them. If you are using TweetDeck, it is easy to monitor hashtags. Just create a new column to follow the hashtag. Monitor away and jump in to the

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