WinnerCircleFAQIn case you want to learn more about the new Winner Circle before you join…

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We’ve now built a list of frequently asked questions that will address each menu item in the circle, as well as an FAQ section on how to manage your membership.

Here are just a few of the questions and answers for the most popular pages so far. To read the full FAQ, click HERE.

01reviewsBest Book Review Sites

How many book reviewers are available to me?
During our research for this project we found hundreds of book review sites. We’re only bringing you the best we’ve found in each genre, and we’ll add others as they become viable in subsequent editions. Depending on your genre, right now that’s at anywhere between 35 and over 60.

How many genres are represented?
32 and here they are!

Adult Fiction




Chick Lit

Children’s Books 12-U


Comic/Graphic Novels

  Contemporary Fiction

Crime Fiction



Food and Drink

Historical Fiction

Historical Non-Fiction


House and Garden


Literary Fiction


New Adult




Science Fiction

Science and Nature

Self Improvement

Sports and Leisure


True Crime

Women’s Fiction

Young Adult

What does each listing include?

  • The name and home page URL of the website.
  • The URL for the site’s review and submission policy. From here you’ll be able to decipher how to deliver your book to them.
  • Whether the site is free or requires a fee (or both, in the case of sites that require fees for self-published work)
  • Whether the reviewer accepts self-published work and/or post-publication submissions.
  • Whether the reviewer also hosts/features author interviews on their website.
  • Our own WWW rating of the site

What’s a WWW Rating?
It’s our way of assigning a “grade” to each site. But please note – they have to be decent sites to even make the list.

  • W = Worthwhile: A site with good intent but not yet getting quite enough traffic to be a top gun; still worth your time to get in early and get some attention for your work.
  • WW = Worthwhile and Winning: More traffic, more followers for the genres specified, has established some regular following.
  • WWW = Worthwhile, Winning & Wonderful: The coveted top traffic sites with lots of followers and considered reviews.
02bookclubsConnect with Book Clubs

What sort of information is included for each club?

  • Club Name and Contact Info
  • Where the club is located (city or metro area and state)
  • Whether the club is a live meeting, a virtual (i.e. Skype or Google Hangout) club or strictly online (excluding online clubs in the primary sites listed below)
  • If the club is affiliated with a local bookstore or library
  • The club’s preferred genre(s)

How many book clubs are on the list?
Over 120 as of today (May 5 – Happy Cinco de Mayo!) and we add more each week as they become available.

03competitionsCompetitions, Conferences and Festivals

How do I know if a writing competition is right for me?
Not all contests are created equal. We continually scour our sources for quality competitions that offer either:

  • Substantial cash prizes
  • A guaranteed publishing contract
  • Some combination of cash and prestige

Note: Many contests have short windows before their closing deadlines, so we’ll list new competitions weekly or as they become available (there are typically over a dozen to check out at any given time).

How many writer’s conferences do you have on your list?
Over 60 at present, and new ones added weekly as they become available or announce new dates.

How many book festivals are on your list?
Over 30 at present, and new ones added weekly as they become available or announce new dates.

10stealsDeals and Steals

What kind of deals can I find here?

  • Discounts on website, social media and ebook conversion services
  • Discounts on classes/workshops
  • Discounts on writer’s conferences and retreats

Why are these companies offering me a discount?
Because it’s a win-win-win! Rather than charge to advertise on our pages, we agree to promote them at our EVENTS PAGE if they offer our members a discount. (The offers on deck already add up to hundreds of dollars.)

See you in the circle!

Coming Tuesday: News and views on scams in the publishing industry.