Author Cross Promotion happens when two or more authors agree to promote each other’s books to the mutual benefit of each author. How does it work? Well, like any good cross-promotion, it needs to be a win-win for the authors involved, as well as the venue they engage.

Here are just a few of the benefits of conducting author cross promotions:

Accessing New Audiences

Author cross promotion typically includes you promoting other authors/books in your own social media, and vice versa. This is especially useful when it comes to events, live or virtual, where a group of authors are all inviting their own audiences to the table. Typically grouped by genre, and occasionally by region, these types of promotions can quickly double, triple, quadruple the audience that will learn about your book or upcoming event.

Attracting Bookstore Interest

At the recent Southern Independent Booksellers Association (SIBA) conference, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with several booksellers. One of their obvious concerns was the sheer volume of authors pleading for book signings and bookstore events. I suggested to a couple that perhaps they entertain the idea of “genre” type events at their indie stores, and got an enthusiastic response. Said one North Carolina proprietor, “That would also make it easier for us to get behind an event. There are expenses involved with book ordering, signage, press releases, but if several authors were coming on the same day, it would be worth that expense and more to create a ‘themed’ type event.”
We proceeded to talk about genre events that could include 4-5 authors to create a Romance day (perhaps near Valentine’s Day), a History Day, a Mystery Day, a Thriller Day (perhaps near Halloween), etc.With only so many calendar days in a year, and only so many prime time weekend days, this makes sense for authors and booksellers. Bonus: If you do your homework in advance and arrive at the bookstore armed with a few authors in the same genre prepared to participate, you’ve made their jobs easier, which will pay off!

Attracting Library Interest

Ditto libraries, because it’s easier to create a community based “event” when it involves more than one author. You might suggest a “Path to Publishing” panel for young aspiring writers, where several authors weigh in on what worked for them. Or again, a genre themed event that celebrates various library collections (especially useful for a local-author themed or historical author themed event).

Alternative Venues Benefit Too

If you read our recent article on Alternative Bookselling Options then it’s easy to imagine that other groups might also benefit from the “two authors is better than one” concept. A well thought out cross promotion can entice retail stores, shows, association meetings, religious groups, business groups and civic organizations, especially if they’re also trying to attract more attention and gain new audience members or customers.

Saving Time and Money

We know of authors who’ve co-oped advertising, event promotion, even joined up to build a single website serving several authors. Others have created Facebook and Twitter virtual events. In each case, divvying up the workload, from promoting to blogging, makes it easier for each author individually.

Have you gotten together with another author or group of authors to cross promote your work? Tell us your story with your comment below!