ALLi_IRC2015-RGB_websitetabsolidIn case you’ve missed tuning into Indie ReCon this year, there are still plenty of sessions to attend!

IndieReCon is a free online conference for authors interested in self-publishing. It started in 2013 with co-founders Ali Cross and SR Johannes keen to create a conference that challenged the stigma of self publishing.

Fast forward to 2015, with the success and reputation of author-publishing on the rise, IndieReCon has joined with the Alliance of Independent Authors to take the conference to the next level. And, this year they’ve hooked up with The London Book Fair, going on now, to provide an exciting day of live-streamed events from London.

Speakers include Bella Andre, Porter Anderson, Amanda Barbara, Paul Cameron, Mark Coker, Orna Ross, Robin Cutler, Seth Dillon and more!

Check it out and let us know your favorite takeaways! Visit